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At the age of 82, Nicolae Micu is an ambassador of organic farming

“We haven’t used fertilisers and herbicides in the last three years, none at all,” said Nicolae Micu, 82 years old, agronomist by education and occupation. He has been practicing farming for 63 years…  

Organic farming and “living” experiments feel at home in Rîșcova

This is how they do organic farming in Rîșcova, Criuleni district, taking great care of the soil. This is the only way to keep it healthy and, therefore, lucrative.  

Toys of natural textiles are manufactured in Ungheni, with the financial support of the European Union

In Ungheni, in Cristina Lupu’s workshop, future friends of babies and children are crafted. Cristina Lupu, the creator of Bubulino brand, conquers hearts of the children with toys made of natural,…  

The Line of Goodness 1165: Help is just a phone call away

The middle of the COVID-19 pandemic might not seem the perfect time for a life paradigm shift.  

An authentic blacksmith workshop in Cahul receives modern equipment purchased with the European Union’s financial support

Cătălina and Victor Pascal from the Village of Zîrnești, Cahul district, turned their passion for working with iron into business. Victor is one of the few blacksmiths who still forges this metal…  

In Palanca, tourism is in the air

Located on the bank of the Nistru river and bordering with Ukraine, the village of Palanca has a population of almost two thousand inhabitants.  

Two Roma women from left bank of Nistru became community mediators

They challenged the prejudices and the stereotypes deeply rooted in society... They got involved in defending the rights of Roma people, of women and children. During the pandemic, they were…  

From coach to entrepreneur in Cahul

Nicolae Dunas is well known in Cahul for his sports performance, as a martial arts coach, but also for his entrepreneurial activity. It has been for nine years since when Nicolae Dunas owns a…  

Innovation tastes like cherries in Hincesti

Thousands of perfectly aligned and copycat trees shape up an orchard that stretches as far as the eye can see on the hillside. Looking from far away, one may get the impression that the trees got…  

In Grigoriopol, an agricultural business gives harvest even during drought time

Marina Cerkasenko’s business story started 10 years ago, when she decided to practice agriculture and founded a farm. At first, she rented only a few plots of land, and today she manages over 66…  

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