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Sweden and UNDP provide grants up to US$50,000 for business support organizations from both banks of the Nistru river

Sweden and the United Nations Development Programme provide financial assistance to business support organizations to develop their capacities in promoting and providing necessary services to micro-,…  

EU and UNDP launch a website showcasing improvement of climate policies and legislation in EaP countries – www.eu4climate.eu

The EU-supported EU4Climate project has launched a website with a detailed information about the project, its objectives and main activities. The site offers easier access to the reports about the…  

#StayAtHome, but #SaveElectricity — behavioral experimentation continues in the era of COVID-19

Insights on the 2019 and 2020 behavioral experiments aimed at reducing energy consumption in Moldovan households.  

Grants of up to US$50,000 for environmental projects provided by the Global Environment Facility Small Grants Programme

The Global Environment Facility’s (GEF) Small Grants Programme (SGP), implemented by UNDP Moldova, is launching today, 21 September 2020, a new call for projects proposals.  

Sixteen young people presented their own solutions for reducing corruption within a video materials’ contest

Illegal payments made in education, electoral gifts, corruption in the customs system and for issuing of driving licenses are just some of the topics tackled by a series of 16 videos developed by…  

Diaspora “returned” home for a week, despite of the pandemic

Festivals with food and music, organized in centre of the village, cooking master classes, weaving sewing bees, hometown associations’ meetings, launching of projects under the applause of people of…  

Grants up to €40,000 from the European Union for partnerships from both banks of Nistru to implement innovative business ideas

Organizations and companies from both banks of Nistru can create partnerships to participate in a grants’ competition organized by European Union’s Confidence Building Measures Programme, implemented…  

Crowdfunding gives new purpose to remittances in Moldova

Even though, on one hand Moldovan households seemed to prosper, including due to money transferred from abroad, on the other hand there was still no supply of drinking water and no access to sewerage…  

Closer to consumers: The atlas of organic agriculture in the Republic of Moldova has been launched

In premiere, an atlas of organic agriculture was launched in the Republic of Moldova. The electronic map covers certified producers of organic agricultural products in Moldova and is available online.…  

Children and young people learn about free and fair elections, accessible to all, through games, simulation and competitions

How do we make civic education interesting, understandable and how do we teach children and young people about electoral processes?  

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