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The winners of the Urban Hackathon “Your city changes for You. Together with You” were awarded

22 concepts/ideas for modernization of Ungheni and Cahul city centers were presented at the Urban Hackathon “Your city changes for You. Together with You” yesterday evening.  

100 young people brainstorm on how to modernize the centers of Cahul and Ungheni municipalities

100 young people from the Republic of Moldova, but also from abroad are gathering today at the Urban Hackathon “Your city changes for You. Together with You”. For three days, young architects,…  

The Republic of Moldova will gradually ban a series of fluorinated greenhouse gases used in refrigeration and air conditioning installations

The Republic of Moldova will transpose the acquis communautaire in the field of F-Gases or Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), through a law that will gradually withdraw them from commercial use. These gases…  

Study: Some state and municipal enterprises are lagging in ensuring institutional integrity

Some state and municipal enterprises do not have effective mechanisms to ensure institutional integrity. This is the conclusion reached by the authors of a study that reviewed the implementation of…  

Assessment of implementation of integrity plans and/or risks registers by state and municipal companies

The activity of state-owned enterprises and of the municipality owned enterprises from the Republic of Moldova represents a domain vulnerable to corruption risks. The conflicts of interest,…  

Văleni – a holiday village

Welcome to Eco Village Văleni – a touristic complex consisting of an agro guest house, a few rustic houses, which are still under construction, a restaurant and a traditional rural courtyard. All are…  

Police bike patrolling service extends to four more districts of the country

Twenty police officers, including one woman, will perform bike patrolling of public spaces from Orhei, Anenii Noi, Edinet and Ungheni districts. Using the bicycles, the law-enforcement officers will…  

The impact of COVID-19 through people’s narratives and perceptions

The thematic paper is an analysis of the thick data, referred to as micro-narratives, about the impact of COVID-19 on the communities of Moldova in the period March-August 2020. The paper reflects on…  

Electric travel log. Moldova Electro Marathon 2020

Interview with one of the participants of the 2020 Electro Marathon caravan, Ion Malanici from UNDP Moldova, who drove a Hyundai Ioniq.  

The pandemic will pass, but its effects will last

The people in Scoreni, Strășeni district, are affected by the pandemic crisis, which exacerbated the financial and psychological pressure.  

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