Inclusive growth

Valuing human capital

Moldova faces some of the most daunting development challenges across the Europe and Central Asia region, with the lowest level of fertility, an ageing population and the highest net emigration rates, which depletes social capital and constitutes a brain drain. It has the lowest employment rate in Europe. From this perspective, inclusive growth is one of the main priorities for Moldova. Regional disparities need to be bridged, by creating economic opportunities, improving access to quality education and healthcare services, providing more accessible and efficient public services, and providing employment.

Public services. Economic opportunities. Improved livelihoods

Our focus is on sustainable, inclusive and green jobs creation, integrity-based business development, private sector involvement in Sustainable Development Goals achievement, transparent and accountable, efficient and inclusive service provision, and equal and equitable access to economic opportunities. UNDP aims to strengthen policies that address barriers for the inclusion of vulnerable groups in the labour market by tackling social stereotypes, ensuring access to affordable services, including care, addressing the issue of unpaid care work, and promoting women's access to entrepreneurship support schemes.

Projects and Initiatives

Addressing violence against women in the Republic of Moldova
Migration and Local Development
Support to Confidence Building Measures
EU4Moldova: Focal Regions

500,000 women and men


have access to decent jobs and quality social services. UNDP helps build deliver services closer to citizens, for both women and men equally, including migrants, vulnerable and marginalized groups, such as the elderly and people with disabilities.

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