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Traditional caravans and public debate inspire Roma people to vote

Our intervention

UNDP works towards democratic and accountable governance, focusing on two critical dimensions: laying down the institutional bedrock, and ensuring men and women’s voices are heard. As the whole governance structure is facing public pressure due to its limited accountability, UNDP works to promote Parliament’s openness to people’s needs, to ensure inclusive and transparent electoral processes, to contribute to establishing effective corruption prevention measures, reforming the justice system and the security sector, ensuring better protection and promotion of human rights, and achieving a higher and fairer representation of women in  the areas where they are traditionally underrepresented.

Justice and human rights

UNDP has supported the Republic of Moldova in developing policies and strategies that aim to ensure respect for and protection of human rights and an effective and accessible justice system, with a focus on gender equality, non-discrimination, access to justice and to cheaper and more effective medicines, and on preventing and addressing domestic violence. Assistance is being provided for the implementation of police reform in Moldova, with a special focus on the development of the community police and on modernizing the human resource management system. Steps have been made to reduce the incidence of human rights violations, particularly torture. Efforts are being taken to support the implementation of the National Human Rights Action Plan for 2017–2021, as well as its effective monitoring. The Government is receiving further support on the ratification of the Optional Protocol to the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, and the Optional Protocol to the United Nations Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. Tailored support is being provided to the vulnerable and marginalized groups, such as people with disabilities, people living with HIV, and victims of domestic violence to improve their access to public life and to quality services.

Parliamentary development 

With UNDP support, the Parliament’s transparency will be strengthened further by the e-Parliament system, engagement in the Open Parliament initiative, implementation of the Anti-Corruption Action Plan and support to the National Chapter of the Global Organisation of Parliaments against Corruption (GOPAC). UNDP will continue to support the Parliament’s capacities in regard to the EU legal approximation, comprehensive oversight of policy implementation with a particular focus on SDGs and the National Development Strategy Moldova 2030, the respect of human rights and gender mainstreaming. Men and women will now have more opportunities to express their views and needs, and to hold MPs accountable through the Parliament’s Regional Offices, regular public hearings and by using the opportunities for engagement that will be offered by the new Parliament website.

Electoral processes

UNDP has worked in partnership with the Central Electoral Commission and the Centre for Continuous Elections Training, leading to more professional, inclusive and transparent elections, consistent integration of gender and human rights considerations in the activity of electoral bodies and in the electoral processes and an improved trust of voters. The e-Register of Voters has removed the possibilities for multiple voting and have ensured immediate transmission of preliminary results. UNDP provides continuous targeted assistance in building the next-level State Register of Voters, which will be based on the interoperability of population and address registers through the M-connect system; to the implementation of the Law on Political Parties Finance, aimed at fighting against political corruption; to further enhancing access to the vote, including through providing electoral information to voters and the implementation of massive civic education campaigns targeting first-time voters, women from disadvantaged groups, people with disabilities and minorities.

Public administration reform

Jointly with other United Nations entities, UNDP is strengthening the focus on accelerating the complex public administration and decentralization reforms, moving from policy and legislative formulation to improving systems and capacities for effective and affordable public service delivery. UNDP is supporting stronger, more open and transparent public administration at all levels, that are able to deliver their services efficiently and ensure equal opportunities to all people, with a particular focus on women and the vulnerable. Partnerships with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and its subdivisions, as well as with the Ministry of Defense will be further strengthened aiming at the implementation of the sector reforms that have as the ultimate goal ensuring security of men and women in the Republic of Moldova.

Corruption prevention

UNDP has contributed to strengthening the national integrity and anticorruption system and to participative elaboration of the National Integrity and Anticorruption Strategy 2017 – 2020. The current focus of the anticorruption work is aimed at strengthening the capacities for and facilitating the engagement of the public institutions at the central and local level, of the private sector and the civil society organizations into the progressive implementation of the Strategy through the efficient application and monitoring of national integrity instruments and standards. Orchestrated efforts, targeting young men and women in particular, will be made to strengthen the anticorruption demand side through an increased public awareness on anticorruption and on the means to curb corruption, to support civic anticorruption initiatives and to enhance the system of whistleblowers’ protection.

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