Effective governance

All voices must be heard

Political volatility, large-scale corruption, limited budgets and a significant migration and brain drain have slowed Moldova’s reform process. The implementation of the main National Strategies and of the European Union agenda is moving forward with mixed results: while progress is observed in legislation and policy formulation, implementation has been uneven and slow. Strengthening governance requires investing in institutions and processes, and enhancing their transparency and accountability. The needs of women and men, including those who are vulnerable and marginalized, must be heard and taken into account in decision-making.

Transparency. Efficiency. Participation

UNDP helps create a more transparent, efficient and equitable governance system where citizens can take part in the decision-making process in their country. We work to help build the legal framework, improve institutional structures and develop skills which support national efforts to reduce poverty, sustain the environment, ensure access to justice for everyone, protect and promote human rights, and advance gender equality and human development.

Projects and Initiatives

Support to Law Enforcement Reform in Moldova
Enhancing democracy in Moldova through inclusive and transparent elections
Curbing corruption by sustainable integrity in the Republic of Moldova
Strengthening efficiency and access to justice in Moldova

40% Gender Quota

was adopted

to make sure women don’t have to face the glass ceiling when advancing in the ranks of political parties and that they have equal chances to be represented in governments and legislatures.

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