Accelerating development

Since 2014, UNDP Moldova runs MiLab, an internal think-tank and experimentation outfit with a clear mandate to innovate and promote collaborative experimentation within the Government, in the private sector, internally in UNDP Moldova, and in collaboration with external partners.

MiLab is aligned to UNDP's “next generation UNDP” initiative which aims to develop a global network of SDG Accelerator Labs that will strengthen the capacity of UNDP country teams to test local solutions and partnerships, thereby accelerating SDG implementation in these countries.

MiLab focuses on four inter-linked areas of experimentation:

  • new evidence/data for SDGs and behavioral experimentation;
  • re-design of public services and impact evaluation;
  • unlocking financing for SDGs and engagement with private sector;
  • city experimentation.

We aim to generate and test safe-to-fail solutions or adapt existing ones as to contribute in a measurable way to sustainable development.

The mission of the MiLab is to:

  • Support transformative changes in the organizational and innovation culture in the public and private sectors;
  • Align all participants for the accelerated achievement of the Sustainable Development Agenda and national targets;  
  • Support the global network of Accelerator Labs mainly in areas of collection and making sense of new types of data for SDGs;
  • Conceptualization and running of specific innovative experiments linked to nationalized SDGs;
  • Impact evaluation and strategic support to scaling-up of the successful experiments.

MiLab areas of intervention:

  • Public service redesign;
  • Responsible energy and plastic consumption;
  • Sustainable employment;
  • Data for development;
  • Private sector engagement for SDGs;
  • Public health.

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