New model of re-engineered public employment service was designed together with end-users.

Our intervention

Our approach to innovation focuses on the identification of bottlenecks, rapid testing of innovative solutions through prototypes, scaling up what is proven to work and, generally, ‘working out loud’ at all times to learn from user, partner and stakeholder feedback. We believe that continuous horizon scanning, seeking what is new out there and rapidly testing what could be relevant for Moldova, is an important aspect of our innovation work. For us, technology is an accelerator of innovation but it is not the only driver of UNDP’s innovation work. UNDP looks for solutions that place people – the ‘end users’ of development services – at the heart of the process, and engages them in identifying the challenges and in co-creating solutions.

Effective development cooperation

UNDP Moldova is well positioned to advance the national development agenda and fulfill people’s aspirations. UNDP’s advantages include a strong normative mandate, global knowledge tailored to national context, use of innovation for sustainable results, and access to a wealth of experience and best practices. Impartiality and neutrality, enhanced system-wide coherence, flexibility and operational effectiveness, as well as the sharpened programmatic focus, are making the UNDP in the Republic of Moldova fit for purpose. Working for an effective development cooperation, UNDP makes use of national institutionalized mechanisms for engagement, which facilitate stakeholder dialogue on development issues, ensuring a coordinated approach to development challenges.

Innovation for development

UNDP Moldova is actively working on using innovation to promote change in the public sector through two Labs: Moldova Social Innovation Lab, aims to improve the public service delivery, civic engagement, promote evidence-based policy-making, and mainstream social innovation in Moldova. Also, it encourages private sector to contribute to the achievement and promotion of the Sustainable Development Goals, and explores options of alternative financing for development. The Green City Lab, through the Chisinau City Mayoralty, aims to catalyze investments into green urban development and attract alternate finances. Additionally, UNDP is taking an introspective look at its own operational effectiveness and fosters innovative solutions to its own operational challenges.


UNDP’s Knowledge Management Strategy Framework aims to position UNDP as a thought leader and knowledge broker in the global development debate. The way we develop, capture, share, and effectively use knowledge underpins the realization of development outcomes. To this end we focus on four work streams:

  1. Identifying, capturing, disseminating and applying lessons learned from past projects and initiatives;
  2. Strengthening knowledge exchange and networking through corporate social networking and thematic Communities of Practices;
  3. Fostering openness and public engagement through blogging, public online dialogues, consultations and events;
  4. Embedding knowledge management into talent management, human resources processes, including training.

South-South cooperation

South–South cooperation has increasingly demonstrated its contribution to development results through a variety of flexible cooperation modalities, including knowledge exchanges, technology transfers, financing, peer support, and neighbourhood initiatives, as well as countries forming common development agendas and seeking collective solutions. UNDP Moldova supports South–South and triangular cooperation with the goal to maximize its development impact. During 2019, 8 such initiatives were implemented, ranging from establishing a broad vision on the role and functions of the regional assemblies, to setting up the systems of the whistle-blowers’ protection and bribe crime prevention/detection, learning from the best practice for mainstreaming gender equality in the security sector, and for the application of the Energy Management Information Systems. Moldova is also exporting the best practice gained with UNDP’s support - in 2019, the National Institute of Justice expanded the support to and cooperation with the Academy of Justice in Armenia and the High School of Justice in Georgia.

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