Shifting away from business as usual

Middle income countries, such as the Republic of Moldova, have seen rapid economic growth, however many of them encounter development challenges including persistent poverty, growing inequality, vulnerability to macro-economic shocks and to climate change. Against the rapidly changing international development backdrop and the emergence of new challenges, there is an opportunity to re-assess the role of development cooperation in the context of middle income countries. As these changes affect all countries across the globe, it becomes more important for development organizations to be able to respond to complex challenges with agile and flexible solutions, and to shift away from business as usual.

Openness. Innovation. Evidence-driven policies

UNDP helps its partners achieve sustainable and people-centered development. Its integrated approach links policy with planning and programming, promoting results-based management, establishing quality safeguards, monitoring and evaluating impact, and ensuring equal learning from successes and challenges. By being open, innovative, and evidence-driven UNDP ensures the sustainability of development, effective South-South and Triangular Cooperation, and a higher quality of programming and action.

Projects and Initiatives

Moldova Sustainable Green Cities
Moldova Social Innovation Hub
Addressing violence against women in the Republic of Moldova
EU4Moldova: Focal Regions

Human Centered Design  


as one of the official methodologies in the national strategy for public service modernization.

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