Climate change,

environment & energy

Changing climate change & environmental losses & energy dependence

Moldova is highly vulnerable to climate change and disasters, with average annual economic loss of 2.13% GDP. The country’s unique biodiversity is currently threatened by climate change, habitat fragmentation and over-exploitation. Enforcement of the environmental legislation is lagging behind, leading to environmental degradation, pollution and unsustainable use of natural resources. Moldova is still highly dependent on external energy sources. While there is a decrease in the country’s energy intensity, it is still higher than the average energy intensity in the EU countries by 29%.

Renewables. Green development. Mitigation

UNDP is assisting the Government of Moldova in its transition towards low-emission and climate-resilient development, by building up institutional, legal and individual capacities to respond to climate-related and natural and human-made disasters. A special focus is placed on exploring the mitigation potential through promotion of the renewable energy currently standing at 27.6% in the total energy mix, energy efficiency measures and resource efficiency production and consumption. At the same time, support to the reform and modernization of the environmental management systems conducive to green development is being provided.

Orhei National Park

was established

To preserve biodiversity, stop the degradation of forestry ecosystems, restore sustainable management of forests and pastures, preserve cultural and architectural-historical heritage and promote environmentally-friendly farming and eco-tourism.

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