How close is Moldova to achieve gender equality?

Following the Parliamentary Elections held on February 24, 2019, over 25% of the Moldovan MPs are women. This represents the highest number of women elected in the Parliament in the country’s history.…  

Chisinau’s Data Collaborative: Moving with the Times

On an average day, a commute in Chisinau can be very difficult. On the road you may struggle with heavy traffic in key junctions on the city, or you may need to use one of the old public transport…  

Adelina Iucal: “Moldova Electro Marathon charged both my car’s batteries and mine”

For almost two months Adelina Iucal owns an electric car, which is also her first car. She is a designer and is passionate of innovations. She participated in the open competition and was selected to…  

Electoral processes in Moldova: simpler, faster and closer to voters

Nowadays, a voter from the Republic of Moldova can find out everything about elections from his/her phone, tablet or computer.  

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