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The UNDP Resident Representative acst on behalf of the UNDP Administrator, and is the head of the country office being ultimately responsible for the quality and sustainability of UNDP interventions, including UNDP policies and procedures.

UNDP Moldova's Team

As of October 2019

  Total   Women Men
Service Contract 71 35
UNDP Staff 30 17 13
UN Volunteer 1 1  

UNDP Moldova Country Office's Team

Name Title E-mail
Dima Al-Khatib UNDP Resident Representative dima.al-khatib@undp.org
Andrea Cuzyova Deputy Resident Representative andrea.cuzyova@undp.org
Viorica Josan Executive Associate viorica.josan@undp.org
Laura Bohantova Communications Analyst laura.bohantova@undp.org
Valeria Ieseanu Assistant Resident Representative/Head of Programme valeria.ieseanu@undp.org
Dumitru Vasilescu Policy Specialist dumitru.vasilescu@undp.org
Ana Moraru Junior Policy Officer a.moraru@undp.org
Vacant Programme Finance Analyst  
Alla Skvortova Programme Specialist/Cluster Lead/Effective Governance alla.skvortova@undp.org
Alexandru Cocirta Programme Analyst/Effective Governance alexandru.cocirta@undp.org
Mihail Belousiuc Programme Associate/Effective Governance mihail.belousiuc@undp.org
Andrei Darie Programme Specialist/Cluster Lead/Inclusive Growth andrei.darie@undp.org
Olesea Cazacu Programme Analyst/Inclusive Growth olesea.cazacu@undp.org
Elena Darii Programme Associate/Inclusive Growth elena.darii@undp.org
Inga Podoroghin Programme Specialist/Cluster Lead/Energy & Environment inga.podoroghin@undp.org
Silvia Pana-Carp Programme Analyst/Energy & Environment silvia.pana-carp@undp.org
Vacant Programme Associate/Energy & Environment  
Corina Oprea Assistant Resident Representative/Head of Operations corina.oprea@undp.org
Denis Suschevici Head of Procurement & Operational Support Unit
Tatiana Panfil Procurement Associate tatiana.panfil@undp.org
Olga Driga Procurement Associate olga.driga@undp.org
Iurie Tarcenco Procurement Associate iurie.tarcenco@undp.org
Tatiana Rybac Head of Finance Unit tatiana.rybac@undp.org
Ion Rotari Finance Associate ion.rotari@undp.org
Alexei Cracan Finance & Administrative Associate alexei.cracan@undp.org
Elena Morosan Head of Human Resources Unit elena.morosan@undp.org
Natalia Gabatiuc
Human Resources Associate natalia.gabatiuc@undp.org  
Valentin Turcan Head of ICT Unit valentin.turcan@undp.org
Gabriel Mura ICT Service Delivery Coordinator gabriel.mura@undp.org
Sergiu Jereghi Driver to the Resident Representative sergiu.jereghi@undp.org
Ion Malanici Driver/Administrative Clerk ion.malanici@undp.org
Vadim Severin Driver/Administrative Clerk vadim.severin@undp.org

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