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Effective governance is an important precondition in order to implement any in-sector reform and to achieve important commitments under the SDGs. Nevertheless, in Moldova the public authorities are still in a difficult situation, as the civil service is not always attractive, and it does not always motivate effective and honest professionals – this results in a high staff turnover and loss of institutional memory and personnel capabilities, overlapping functions and areas of responsibilities that are not covered by staff. Public administration is not assessed on a regular basis regarding its efficiency and the use of public money. The regulatory framework on the organization of public administration is still fragmented and inconsistent. The decision-making process is not fully participatory or responsive to citizens’ needs, nor is it enough transparent or evidence-based. Targeting of the most needy and vulnerable people is not always present in policymaking.

In turn, these governance challenges are reflected in a precarious rule of law, weak access to justice (which remains ineffective and non-responsive to right holders), deep corruption and violence against women and children. Public trust in justice is decreasing, while the Moldovan Government is frequently condemned at the European Court for Human Rights, where, in 18 years, Moldova has lost over 300 cases and paid compensations of €16 million. The Corruption Perception Index 2015 for Moldova indicates a widespread problem in the country, with perceptions of deep public sector corruption. Recorded offences related to family violence registered a 30 times increase in the last five years. One in four women (27 per cent) above 15 years old have experienced at least one type of violence in the family over the last 12 months and half of children have been subjected to violence at least once in their lifetime. Birth registration remains an issue for the children of migrants and Roma people.

Acknowledging the importance of governance in sustainable development, for Moldova Goal 16 of the 2030 Agenda aims to develop effective, accountable and transparent institutions at all levels, which will ensure a responsive, inclusive, participatory and representative decision-making process on public policy development and use of public money. Equal access to public data and information will be an asset and tools for people in this process. Coupled with good governance principles, an important focus will be placed on the reduction of all forms of violence, especially family violence and sexual violence, and ending and combating abuse, trafficking and violence against children,. Promotion of rule of law and equal access to incorruptible justice for all women, men and children, should result in the reduction of corruption in all its forms and in the reduction of illicit financial flows, as well as combating all forms of organized crime.

Goals in action

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