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Given its strong reliance on the agrifood sector, the reduction of the ecological footprint of economic and human activity and efficient management of national natural resources is essential for Moldova. The domestic policy framework could be even more anchored into the principles of ‘green economy’, ‘sustainable consumption’ or ‘sustainable production’, and the overall understanding of these terms and concepts by the Government, business and society is rather low – and therefore they are totally ignored. Additionally, the country is lacking an integrated waste and chemicals management system, in accordance with international requirements. This issue is even more acute in rural areas, where there are not enough appropriate places for the storage/disposal of waste.

Moldova’s work to achieve Goal 12 aims to produce a shift towards a sustainable way of ‘doing business’ at the policy, firm and population levels. Thus, the principles of sustainable development and procurement, as well as efficient management of national resources, will be fully incorporated into national policymaking and regulations. Industries and businesses will be encouraged to adopt resource-efficient production and to share responsibility for the disposal of toxic waste and pollutants. Meanwhile, the population should acknowledge its responsibility in regard to the consumption of economic goods and natural resources, and reduce waste generation and increase recycling. The synergy and participation of all actors in this production–consumption chain will save and preserve natural resources and reduce the ecological damage caused by economic growth. 

Goals in action

Photo: UNDP Moldova

The Engine of Progress Rocking it at 66!

The Republic of Moldova, one of the poorest countries in Europe, is facing a deep demographic crisis, caused by migration and low birth rate accompanied by a high mortality rate. The elderly from Moldova – representing 16% of the total resident population – are the poorest and most discriminated, also in terms of employment. MORE >

Photo: UNDP Moldova

Moldova on the wave of fast growing healthy fresh fruits snack trend – promoting healthy lifestyle for kids

Is it possible to solve a pressing social and health and cultural problem and at the same time develop a completely new market niche with exponential growth potential? MORE >

Photo: UNDP Moldova

Mobiasbanca joins the UNDP campaign to increase fresh fruits intake in schools and kindergartens of Moldova – “Make apples cool”

The campaign “Make Apples Cool” intends to provide public schools and kindergartens from Chisinau with fresh fruit snacks. This initiative tackles the reduced intake of fruit and will provide additional benefits to fresh fruit producers. The long-term objective of the campaign is to teach children in pre-schools and schools about healthy eating habits from the very young age. MORE >

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