Fight for dignity when in pain

“Losing someone you love is traumatic. But when someone you love dies in pain, something dies in you.”  

Moldovan snails — Western delicacies

The story of the snail farm in Peresecina begins on the day when the farm owner, Vilen Cebotari, received a present from France — a plate of frozen snails. He tried them and it struck him — if this…  

The woman who dreams of buying homes for all survivors of domestic violence

If Angela had one million dollars, she would buy homes for women who are locked in a life with violent men. The idea came to her after she escaped a horrible marriage. The first woman she would help…  

Collaboration between police and civil society = prompt support offered to survivors of domestic violence

Ana came in a hurry to the police station nr. 3 from Buiucani district of Chisinau Municipality. Threatened and disoriented she came to ask for help in the first hours of the morning.  

Allowances for parents with children, 8 clicks away

Last year at this time, Renata Puiu was preparing her documents to go out on maternity leave. Like any future parent, Renata was also interested in the procedure to get the birth allowance. She…  

The only “Made in Moldova” tractors are assembled in Tomai

The only local enterprise that assembles “Made in Moldova” tractors is located in the southern part of the country, in Tomai village, ATU Gagauzia.  

Moldovan human rights defenders champion for fighting discrimination

Equality and non-discrimination are linked to human dignity. To demonstrate that you have been discriminated against, to oppose and sanction the person who has discriminated you is an exercise of…  

From holidays to homecoming

Andreea Gasca lives in Chiscareni, a village in northern Moldova. She is five years old and has never seen her two brothers, mother, father and grandmother together in one place. For the last ten…  

An entrepreneur from Tiraspol produces eco-friendly twine for vineyard

Production of twine used to tie grapevine and vegetables brings good perspectives to one young entrepreneur from Tiraspol. His in-house innovative technologies allowed him to produce a 100%…  

Women and traditions earn a living

These beauties from Pelinia — the biggest village in the north of the Republic of Moldova — reflect authentic values collected for centuries and specific only for this region, which were doomed to…  

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