Better services for foreigners who choose Moldova

While many Moldovans are leaving abroad to create a better life, hundreds of foreigners choose to work in our country or to get settled here after marrying Moldovan citizens.  

Solar and biomass energy replaced old fireplaces in the kindergarten of Chetrosu

Children and educators of the kindergarten “Izvorasul” in Chetrosu village, Drochia district said “good bye” to old fireplaces that were burning their money and still kept them cold.  

Best youth eco innovations were awarded at national level

… an old parabolic antenna, a printer or CDs, transformed in equipment which produce green energy  

When work becomes home: child care room at the UN House

The United Nations in Moldova sets up a child care room on the ground floor of the UN House. Thus, UN employees and visitors have a comfortable and spacious room for child feeding and care.  

Changes happen at HOME, even from thousands of kilometres away

“I can’t imagine how I left behind everything at home and moved to Ireland for three years”, says Ion Poia, president of the “Unghenenii de Pretutindeni” Hometown Association while admiring the park’s…  

Ravines and eroded soils become forests in Copceac village

With UNDP support, the hay production in Copceac village accounted in 2017 for about 13 tones/ha of hay as compared to 0.5 tones/ha of hay registered before the rehabilitation works.  

A modern dental imaging center opened in Soldanesti, with EU support

With a modern dental imaging center, the path to a healthy smile has become more accessible for Soldanesti inhabitants. Hundreds of patients from the left bank of the Nistru River can also benefit…  

Supported by the European Union, the first development center for children was opened in Ceadir-Lunga town

She has worked 40 years as a teacher at a kindergarten, and now she manages her own successful business. It is Natalia Petis’s story from Ceadir-Lunga, who opened the first development and recreation…  

Welcome to the kindergarten where dreams come true

Only yesterday, 35 children from Balabanu village, Taraclia district, regardless of their age and the language they talk, were huddling together in one small room, while the rule stipulates a maximum…  

EU support: a young man from Tiraspol produces unusual chargers for mobile telephones

A charger for mobile telephones can also be an element of decoration, if produced in the workshop owned by Ivan Hodacovschi, a young man from Tiraspol, who could start up his business owing to an…  

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