“With tap water, we are now in heaven”

What would you prefer: to buy a barrel of water, sometimes seven times as expensive as tap water, or borrow a few buckets of water from your neighbors? This was for years a dilemma for Etulia village…  

It's time for more women to join the police force in Moldova

Ever since she was a child, Eleonora had wanted to be a police officer. But no one quite expected that by the time she turned 21, she would already have one year and a half of experience on the force.  

Sun and biomass bring clean energy to the kindergarten of Lozova, Straseni

Solar and biomass energy bring clean energy and reduce the bills for heating and hot water in the kindergarten “Speranta” from Lozova village, Straseni district. Since autumn, the institution will…  

At Palanca, it takes a passport to go digging

People go digging their land plots with their passports in the pockets. This has been an ordinary experience for years for the villagers of Palanca, Stefan Voda district, who own land plots over…  

The sun, wind and water - allies of the Moldovan young eco inventors

In recent years, dozens of Moldovan young people developed systems that offer cheap and effective solutions to environmental problems, thanks to the educational initiatives launched by the EU-funded…  

With EU support, a family from ATU Gagauzia produces honey-and-nuts

A couple from southern of Moldova has spent a life working abroad but decided to return home. To earn their living, the Civirjic family started a bee farm, and the European Union’s support enabled…  

A young woman from Orhei transforms old computer pieces into bijouterie

Old computer pieces find a new life in Carolina Portarescu’s workshop in Orhei. This young woman manufactures earrings, bracelets and rings from computer boards and chips, and sells her products in…  

Better services for foreigners who choose Moldova

While many Moldovans are leaving abroad to create a better life, hundreds of foreigners choose to work in our country or to get settled here after marrying Moldovan citizens.  

Solar and biomass energy replaced old fireplaces in the kindergarten of Chetrosu

Children and educators of the kindergarten “Izvorasul” in Chetrosu village, Drochia district said “good bye” to old fireplaces that were burning their money and still kept them cold.  

Best youth eco innovations were awarded at national level

… an old parabolic antenna, a printer or CDs, transformed in equipment which produce green energy  

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