Strengthening Technical Capacities of the National Institutions for the Human Rights Protection and Promotion

Status: Closed
Duration: 2015 – 2018
Budget: 2,198,473 USD
Coverage: Republic of Moldova
Beneficiaries: General public, public servants, NIJ trainees, NIJ trainers, judges, prosecutors, other justice sector related professionals
Focus Area: Effective Governance
Partners: National Institute of Justice, Ombudsperson Office, Equality Council, Constitutional Court, National Anticorruption Centre, Parliamentary Standing Commission for Human Rights and Interethnic Relations, National Legal Aid Council, Ministry of Health, Labour and Social Protection, Ministry of Education, Culture and Research, Ministry of Justice, Civil Society Organizations
Project Document: Strengthening Technical Capacities of the National Institutions for the Human Rights Protection and Promotion

Project Summary:

The overall objective of the project is to improve human rights protection and rule of law through strengthening institutional capacities of key actors with a mandate in human rights, criminal justice, governance and anti-corruption, to better perform their core functions, and mainstreaming human rights based approach, equality, gender issues and inclusion in their daily work.


  • Strengthening capacities of the human rights, equality, governance and anti-corruption public institutions in performing their key functions;
  • Strengthening capacities of the National Institute of Justice in terms of provision of high quality human rights focused training for the justice sector professionals.

Expected results:

  • 45 persons from targeted national institutions completed the training programme focused on improving human rights knowledge and better management skills;
  • 10 initiatives/micro-projects on human rights changes, submitted by the national institutions funded by the Project;
  • Human rights standards are mainstreamed through the revised National Institute of Justice (NIJ)’s training curricula for judges and prosecutors;
  • Strengthened NIJ capacities to provide access to eLearning/distance learning content;
  • Internet-based technologies integrated with NIJ’s admission and training processes;
  • NIJ’s activity and procedures certified in line with ISO standards.


  • Training needs assessment of national institutions with a human rights mandate conducted, needs of staff members clustered in eight modules focus on human rights and management skills;
  • Training programme for the targeted national institutions started; circa 50 public servants completed 5 out of 8 training modules by June 2017;
  • Six initiatives/micro-projects on human rights changes, submitted by the national institutions, funded in 2017 through the Project;
  • Assessment of NIJ`s initial training programme done, revised version of the NIJ initial training programme approved by the NIJ Council and operational since September 2015;
  • Assessment on human rights mainstreaming in the NIJ’ training programme conducted, measures to integrate human rights dimension in NIJ’s training processes undertaken (e.g., a separate pool of human rights tests included in the admission e-test, human rights is a distinctive cross-cutting issue in the complex simulation/mock trial cases, developed with Project’s support for skills/practice oriented training of future judges and prosecutors);
  • Premises for joint training and interaction of national institutions redesigned and equipped to display an inviting and user-friendly environment;
  • NIJ`s capacities to develop and provide eLearning content and tools assessed; a new computer class room with 36 working spaces to provide access to on-line learning content and e-learning tools established;
  • A new admission modality, consisting of two elements: submission of on-line applications and computer-based testing, put in practice at NIJ since 2016.
Years Budget   Delivery
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark UNDP
2015 515,186 USD   515,186 USD
2016 588,995 USD   588,818 USD
2017 526,203 USD 12,000 USD 535,972 USD
2018 558,497 USD    

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