Procurement Support Services to the Ministry of Health

Status: Active
Duration: 2017
Budget: 4,350,000 USD
Coverage: National
Beneficiaries: Population of the Republic of Moldova
Focus Area: Effective Governance
Project Manager: Dorin Rotaru,
Partners: Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection and related public agencies (Center for Centralized Health Procurement, Medicine and Medical Devices Agency, Moldfarm etc.), UNAIDS, specialized, NGOs
Project Document: Procurement Support Services to the Ministry of Health
Other Documents:

Project Summary:

The drugs crisis from the Republic of Moldova at the beginning of 2015 determined the Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection to request the UNDP assistance in the field of procurement and supply chain management of essential medicines. This initiative aims to avoid the fraud related to public procurement, the risk of discontinuity in the drugs supply and to reduce the time and cost of delivery and improve the quality of procured medicines.  

During 2017 UNDP will procure medicines and other health products for treatment and diagnosis of diseases included in the national and special health programs, in accordance with its corporate standards, using modern tools and transparent procurement procedures. It will also contribute to the modernization of medicinal storage infrastructure, in line with international standards in the field.

As a result of UNDP’s assistance, the most vulnerable people from Republic of Moldova will have ongoing access to quality medicines at a reasonable price and in required quantities.  


  • To procure medicines and health products included in the list of the national and special health programs, such as those intended for diagnosis and treatment of patients with HIV / AIDS and STIs, oncological diseases, hematological, tuberculosis, rare diseases, diabetes etc;
  • To strengthen the capacity of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection to ensure transparency, accountability and effectiveness of the public procurement of medicines and to create a coherent pharmaceutical policy;
  • To modernize public facilities for the storage of medicinal products in accordance with international standards of good distribution practices (GDP).

Expected results:

  • Increased efficiency of the procurement of the critical medicines;
  • Better access of the most vulnerable people to affordable and quality assured medicines;
  • Strengthened capacity of the national health care procurement system;
  • Modernized medicinal storage infrastructure in line with GDP standards;
  • Increased transparency and accountability of the medicines procurement.


  • Thanks to strategic partnership of UNDP with the Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection, significant savings were made, which allows to procure additional stocks of vital medicines for patients suffering from Cancer (approximatively 1,000 patients), Diabetes and with Mental health disorders;
  • All medicines (127 common international names) and medical products (217 types) procured correspond to the highest quality standards, respecting EU and WHO quality requirements;
  • Increased the coverage of human insulin analogues by 50%, procured under the National Diabetes Control Program (about 1300 beneficiaries, including 300 children);
  • By October 2017 the UNDP provided the Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection with 95% of the total volume of medicines contracted under this project. These efforts brought over 550,000 USD in savings to the state budget, which represents 13% of the allocated budget;
  • The results of tenders, expenditure reports and list of procured medicines are publicly available and are regularly updated, increasing the transparency of the medicines procurement.
Year Budget
Ministry of Health UNDP
2017 4,250,000 USD 100,000 USD

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