Support to the Security Sector Reform in the Republic of Moldova

Status: Active
Duration: 2018 – 2020
Budget: 2.500.000 USD
Coverage: National
Beneficiaries: Ministry of Defense
Focus Area: Effective Governance
Partners: Ministry of Defense
Project Document: Support to the Security Sector Reform in the Republic of Moldova

Project Summary:

The Security Sector Reform (SSR) aims to create a secure environment that is conducive to development, poverty reduction, good governance and rule of law. This relies on the ability of the state to mitigate its people’s vulnerabilities through development, and to use a range of policy instruments to prevent or address security threats that affect society’s well-being. The United Nations Security Council believes that SSR is “critical to the consolidation of peace and stability, promoting poverty reduction, rule of law and good governance, extending legitimate State authority, and preventing countries from relapsing into conflict”.

The Project is in line to UNDP’s priorities, as set forth in the UNDP Moldova Country Porgramme Document 2018 – 2022: to support the country’s reform agenda, including overarching public administration and sectoral reforms, enhance institutional integrity and transparency through leveraging ICT and innovation, re-engineering and digitizing business  processes, and offer innovative tools for collecting and processing disaggregated data that will inform policymaking.


  • To contribute to the effective implementation of the Security Sector and Defense Sector Reforms as a means for ensuring security of men and women in the Republic of Moldova ultimately leading to the sustainable development of the country;
  • To develop capacities that would respond to the strategic context by building effective military institutions ensuring that they remain responsive to the legitimate demands of a democratic society, abide by the principles of accountability and good governance;
  • To ensure that militarily institutions have a representative composition in terms of gender, ethnicity and other factors; are trained and equipped to suit their strategic environment (which may include contributing to peacekeeping and regional security organizations);
  • To support the military institutions to abide to the international law, thus contributing to national and international goals of peace and security.

Expected results:

  • The Ministry of Defense has capacity to make evidence-based military and civil protection decisions and to rapidly react to any emerging military or civil protection needs using high-performance IT solution able to collect, store, preserve, update and process the data on mobilization resources;
  • Enabling environment for effective operations of the Defense Forces created through the endowment by up-to-date equipment and rehabilitated physical infrastructure;
  • The Security Sector better reflects the society by implementing gender responsive policies and practice and achieves a better gender balance in the military and civilian staff.


  • Endowment of the Ministry of Defense, Central Clinical Military Hospital and the Center for the Preventive Medicine applying the best value for money approach, with the requested modern equipment and the modernized infrastructure;
  • The gender audit of the Ministry of Defense to assess the compliance of the internal policies and practices to the norms and standards of gender equality conducted and an Improvement Plan elaborated;
  • The Ministry of Defense supported in the implementation of the National Action Plan on the implementation of the UN Security Council Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security for 2018-2021.
Years Budget   Delivery
UNDP Government of Moldova (Ministry of Defense)
2018 25,000 USD 1,100,158 USD 1,093,979 USD
2019   573,709 USD  

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