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Migration and Local Development (phase 2)

Migration and Local Development Project has the key objective to maximize the impact of migration on socio-economic development through an enhanced institutional framework and involved Diaspora.  

Curbing corruption by sustainable integrity in the Republic of Moldova

The project will contribute to achieving a sustainable integrity and anti-corruption system in the Republic of Moldova through the strengthened capacities of the public and private sector entities and…  

Promotion of climate change and disaster risk reduction solution in the water and civil protection sectors for enhanced rural resilience

Considering its economic structure and geographic features, Moldova is highly vulnerable to climate change and is exposed to disasters due to hydrometeorological phenomena and natural hazards.  

Support to Confidence Building Measures Programme (V)

The Support to Confidence Building Measures Programme aims to increase trust between people on both sides of the Nistru River by supporting joint activities in four core areas: 1) EU support to…  


The initiative is implemented by the United Nations Development Programme. The Directorate-General for Neighbourhood and Enlargement Negotiations (DG NEAR) and Directorate-General for Climate Action…  

Nistru Hydro Power Complex Social and Environmental Impact Study

The Dnestrovsc Hydro Power Complex (HPC) is functioning for many years and various environmental impacts and other consequences of its operation were registered on the Nistru River downstream. These…  

[Closed] Private Sector Engagement for SDGs

The Project is an example of engaging private sector in terms of sharing of knowledge and funds aimed at achieving SDGs. The Project will test new and innovative models of cooperation in tackling key…  

Addressing violence against women in the Republic of Moldova: exploring and learning from local solutions

Moldova adopted a series of documents to address the issue, such as the, that calls for investments in social, psychological, legal, educational and economic services for women and girls.  

Support to the Security Sector Reform in the Republic of Moldova

The Security Sector Reform (SSR) aims to create a secure environment that is conducive to development, poverty reduction, good governance and rule of law. This relies on the ability of the state to…  

Moldova Sustainable Green Cities

While still being the least urbanized European country with over 55% of the population residing in rural areas (as of 2014), the situation is rapidly changing in Republic of Moldova, with projected…  

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