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Formulation of National Human Development Reports

The project supports the formulation of National Human Development Reports (NHDRs) and policy briefs in key development areas that complement NHDRs.  

Support to Justice Sector Reform

Implementation of the Justice Sector Reform is one of the main pre-requisites for Moldova to advance the overall reform process and to achieve compliance with the internationally recognized democratic…  

Strengthening the National Statistical System

The project aims to strengthen the national statistical system through improvement of collection, dissemination and use of socio-economic statistical data.  

Strengthening the Corruption Prevention and Analysis Functions of the National Anticorruption Center

The overall objective of the project is to contribute to the effective prevention of corruption, by means of improved and innovative mechanisms facilitating corruption risk assessment, corruption…  

SCORE in Moldova: Strengthening Social Cohesion

The Social Cohesion and Reconciliation (SCORE) Index is an innovative tool designed to measure sustainable peace in societies around the world. To achieve this ambitious goal, SCORE examines two main…  

Support to Police Reform in the Republic of Moldova

The reform of Police became one of the major goals of the Moldovan Government which pursues to increase the efficiency of Police and the level of the population`s trust in Police. The Police…  

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