Statement by the Delegation of the Republic of Moldova at the second regular session of the Executive Board of UNDP/UNFPA/UNOPS UNDP Country Programme Document for 2018-2022

Sep 8, 2017

Mr. President,

I would like to thank the Regional Director for Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States for presenting the country programme for the Republic of Moldova. This document is a result of an inclusive national consultation process and incorporates the current development priorities of the country.

The Government of the Republic of Moldova has an excellent relationship and strategic cooperation with UNDP at all levels of the government and across the three branches of power. We recognize the country team’s perceptiveness about national and regional evolutions and its ability to align fully its activities with the development needs of the country and the national policy framework towards sustainable development and growth. The close relationship and alignment of our priorities is evidenced by the fact that the Government of Moldova provides a significant share of the funding for UNDPs programs through government cost sharing – from both the central government and from local administration.

Much has been achieved in our cooperation so far. First of all, we commend UNDP’s focus on local mobilization and support in order to foster better life conditions in small villages and towns through the improvement of the local infrastructure. Supporting such initiatives as Crowd funding Government 24 brings more vitality to alternative ways of development financing and engages communities at grassroots level.

Second, the Government commends UNDPs intervention, in partnership with the European Union, for the promotion of green energy and the development of bio-energy production infrastructure all over the country. The Government assumed the commitment to increase the share of renewable in the energy mix to 17% by 2020 and we encourage further UNDP to explore innovative ideas and partnerships which would contribute to bringing this commitment to reality, including by adopting new bio-energy technologies. Given the fact that currently up to 90% of our country’s energy is imported, accelerating the energy transition towards sustainable production and consumption as well as source diversification is very important.

We very much support UNDP’s endeavor to enhance the central and local government’s adaptive capacities to climate change and natural disasters, including through the development of environmentally sensitive urban and spatial plans and by establishing “a green city” innovation lab to advance low-carbon development alternatives in municipal infrastructures.

The country office has proved its innovative capacity through several initiatives in the past. In 2014 the MiLab was established - which is a government–UNDP think tank or experimental incubator to come up with solutions to emerging challenges. The Hub is hosted by the State Chancellery and its has produced some very exciting results using human centered design methodologies to reengineer public services, developing mobile and web based platforms for citizens to report violations of consumer protection rights or to guide students through career choices. With UNDP’s intervention, we can promote a better use of information technologies in the area of governance and expand the services and tools available at the E-Government Center whose founder is the State Chancery of the Republic of Moldova. We view innovation and IT industry as a great asset for the country’s development, enhancing transparency, efficiency and building trust at all levels of society.

We recognize UNDP’s assistance in spurring the domestic reforms for the implementation of the EU-Moldova Association agreement. As it was mentioned in the Regional Director’s statement, last year a new law was adopted establishing a minimum quota of 40% women representation in the executive branch and on party lists which is an important step forward in ensuring gender equality in governance and in fulfilling the EU and international standards on women’s participation in decision making.

UNDP has taken a lead role in coordinating the process on behalf of the UN of nationalizing the Sustainable Development Goals. This has involved support to the evaluation of the 2020 Moldova Development Strategy, a joint UN and World Bank Mainstreaming, Acceleration and Policy Support (MAPS) Mission in July, a SDG complexity mapping exercise and a development vision foresight exercise, which are all feeding into the preparation of the new Moldova 2030 Development Strategy, which is being drafted with UNDP support. The Moldova 2030 Development Strategy will be the overarching framework and vision for Moldova’s development in the years to come, and we expect a first draft of it to be ready in December this year.

We are glad to see the emphasis that UNDP places on accountability aspects of the country programme as well as on its joint ownership with the national authorities, designing together the main planning and reporting instruments as well as aiming at supporting the capacities of the National Bureau of Statistics as part of the monitoring and evaluation chapter.

Finally, Mr. President, let me once again express the support of the Government for the country programme for the next four years. We will continue to pursue an open and trust based relationship with UNDP in order to ensure its effective and successful implementation.

I thank you.


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