Speech of the UN Resident Coordinator Nicola Harrington-Buhay at the launch of MDGs Report and presentation of the results of the national consultations on post-2015 development agenda

Sep 24, 2013

Excellency Mr. Prime Minister,


Esteemed Chair of the Rayon,

Esteemed Madame Mayor of Calfa,


The United Nations family, including our UN Population Fund Regional Director, is delighted to be here with you all today, to review Moldova’s progress towards the United Nations Millennium Development Goals.

When the Goals were set in 2000, they represented a shared global vision for a world in which poverty would be made history. The Goals mobilized the commitment of all to work together in partnerships across countries and communities.

Here in Calfa, we see such a vision in practice. Mme Mayor, it is a pleasure to be back here again in one of the first communities I visited in Moldova Together as national and local authorities, with the support of the United Nations, the European Union and others, you have secured cheaper, greener energy, created an environment more conducive to educating your children, made sustainable provisions for your elderly, and tackled the scourge of domestic violence. You have reached out to your neighbours and fostered cooperation between communities across the Nistru..

The Republic of Moldova’s commitment to the Millennium Development Goals has been outstanding. This vision has driven significant policy reforms and delivered important development results – with dramatically reduced poverty levels overall, improvements in access to education and a fall in child mortality.  

Here, as in most countries, more work remains to be done.  As elsewhere, the challenge of inequality – between men and women, those who have less access to opportunities  - remains to be addressed to unlock the full development potential of the country and its people. The UN family remains committed to supporting Moldova in this effort, through knowledge, expertise and innovative approaches and support you in accelerating development for all.

As the global community looks to a future beyond the current MDGs, the UN Secretary General has made it a priority to hear the voices of those not usually involved in global debates. At his request, we held national consultations on “The Future Moldova Wants”. Over seven thousand people responded, on line, through SMS, and in community discussions with those who may find it hard to convey their needs.

Participants aspired to a future that offered decent work, a fair system of justice, transparent competent public administration, and diminished corruption - Aspirations that fully resonate with the Government’s agenda. They cited concern for “the other” and wanted everyone to benefit from a harmonious, prosperous, modern and sympathetic society.

The similarity of concerns voiced across the globe is striking. It shows that not only people, but also issues are highly inter-connected. Today’s challenges clearly require integrated responses and broad cooperation. So the new global development agenda will focus on developed and developing countries alike.

Most inspiring has been the voice of youth.  As Moldova’s future generation, you are eager to enjoy higher quality education, to fulfill your potential in decent work and very importantly, to take your destiny into your own hands. You recognize that you are the primary drivers of your own development.

As the United Nations, we are committed to supporting you, Moldova, to achieve the Future You Want and deserve.

Thank you very much.