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Today, 2 November 2018, the National Youth Forum on Elections has started. The event is organised by the Central Electoral Commission (CEC), Centre for Continuous Electoral Training (CCET) and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Moldova. The Forum brings together more than 150 young people – representatives of youth organisations under the auspices of Moldovan political parties, which accepted the invitation to attend the Forum.

The National Youth Forum on Elections shall familiarise the representatives of political youth organisations with the modality of conducting an election process and involve them in an election simulating exercise.

Over two days, the participants will learn all details of an election process and the new electoral system to serve as basis for the 2019 Parliamentary elections. At the same time, the young people will be assigned to groups with the aim to simulate a Day of Elections as realistically as possible. Hence, the young people will perform the role of politicians, election officials or voters.

The CEC, CCET and UNDP Moldova Teams took part in the event opening. Igor Boțan, ADEPT Executive Director, Oxana Iuteș, Internews Moldova Deputy Director and Dumitru Ciorici, Agora Co-founder have spoken to the young people about civic participation, manipulation and communication via the social networks and online environment.

CEC Deputy President, Rodica Ciubotaru, noted: “You, young people, are the country’s future, and it is our duty to best inform and motivate you to be interested in what is happening in the electoral field, especially in your case, as you are already involved in the country social and political life through the political parties your belong. Thank you for the interest in this event, and I would urge you to be as active as possible!”

Stefan Liller, Deputy Resident Representative of UNDP Moldova, stated: “In the next two days, you will have the opportunity to reflect and discuss some of these issues with the help of experienced mentors and we hope develop practical skills that will allow you to meaningfully contribute to building a strong and sustainable democracy in Moldova. As young leaders I hope you will also be able to inspire and motivate others around you - peers, friends, family and the community - by your own example of civic activism and engagement - to make them want to contribute positively in the elections and the democratic process.”

The National Youth Forum on Elections will last two days. On Saturday, 3 November 2018, starting with 11.30, the participants will organise a simulation of the electoral process and of the Day of Elections. Media shall have free access to the event.

The National Youth Forum on Elections has been organised in the framework of the “Enhancing democracy in Moldova through inclusive and transparent elections” Project implemented by UNDP Moldova with the financial support provided by the United States Agency for International Development, the British Embassy in Chisinau through the Good Governance Fund and by the Embassy of Netherlands through Matra Programme.

Contact Person: Eva Bounegru, Project Manager,, +37369132095

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