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A fortress taken by art: Tighina Fortress becomes a steady host of cultural events. On Sunday, 9th of September, it was under the siege of jazz rhythms. In premiere, the fortress became venue for the “Nistru Jazz Fest”, an event aiming to promote jazz music and to demonstrate what artists from both banks of the Nistru River are able to do together.

People from both banks of the Nistru River enjoyed in the special environment of Tighina’s centennial towers the performance of Geta Burlacu, Cristofor Aldea-Teodorovici, Chisinau “Jazz Steps” orchestra, and Tiraspol jazz quintet “Dixiland Liberty”.

“We are glad to  be partners of such cultural events, especially in the context of building confidence between both banks, and are pleased to see that little by little the work done since years to bring closer the people from both banks is bearing fruits for the benefit of all citizens”, mentioned Fabien Schaeffer, Project Manager, EU Delegation to the Republic of Moldova.

“It was a unique event in a special place with an extraordinary public. Hope this is just the beginning of our cooperation,” said Geta Burlacu, interpreter, co-founder of the “Floresitas” NGO, event organizer.

“I have just positive impressions. Everything was organized with professionalism – the stage, lights, sound. Cooperation with such dedicated artists as Geta Burlacu, Cristofor Aldea-Teodorovici, and Petru Haruta is an honor and responsibility as well. I hope that our future joint projects will be organized with the same dedication and professionalism and will be well received by the public,” mentioned Dmitri Seremet, the “Dixiland Liberty” founder, Tiraspol.

“I came from Chisinau to enjoy jazz music. Even the weather didn’t stop me. Clouds were not a barrier,” said Anna Gogu, a visitor from Chisinau.

The administration of the Tighina Fortress claim that organizing cultural events is part of their development strategy.

“Nistru Jazz Fest” was financially supported by the European Union within UNDP-implemented Support to Confidence Building Measures Programme and the U.S. Embassy in the Republic of Moldova. For the second year, in the framework of the confidence building programme, a cultural platform of cooperation brings closer artists from both banks of the Nistru river.

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