In the framework of the XIII-the edition of the National Anticorruption Conference, 14 young boys and girls were designated today as winners of the contest “Talent does not take bribes. Integrity in images”. The contest was organized by the National Anticorruption Center (NAC) in partnership with UNDP within the “Strengthening the Corruption Prevention and Analysis Functions of the National Anticorruption Center” Project implemented with the financial support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway.

The contest was carried out during the period of 12 October – 24 November and was meant for the young people aged between 15 and 25 years old, students of the educational institutions of fine arts profile. The young people were invited to illustrate through drawings, in an original way with visual impact, those 12 polices for ensuring the institutional integrity environment, such as conflict of interests, favoritism or professional ethics of the public agents, etc.  

122 youngsters participated in the fourth edition of the Contest, having a more difficult task comparing to the previous year – to present their view regarding the corruption phenomenon and also to illustrate in a creative way a policy instrument of cultivating integrity in public institutions.

“Unlike the previous editions, this year contest was organized in two stages. Thus, at the first stage, the young people attended a training session on the themes to be illustrated in the drawings, organized by the NAC colleagues, and afterwards they drew the sketches within a creation workshop”, Olga Crivoliubic, the UNDP Project Manager mentioned.

The drawings were assessed by a commission set from representatives of the NAC, UNDP and professional artists.  

“I decided to make this drawing because I remarked some irregularities in our society, which have to be removed. One of the drawbacks of our society is favoritism in different social spheres. This phenomenon generates vicious practices in the fields of major importance for the state. From the early childhood, some are favored over others.” the winner Antonela Iatco from Soldanesti mentioned.

Each of the 14 winners of the drawings’ contest received a graphical tablet. The selected drawings were included in the Calendar of Integrity – 2018, which will be distributed to central and local authorities, as well as to professionals from different areas so as to cultivate the spirit of zero tolerance to corruption.

The drawings’ contest “Talent does not take bribes. Integrity in images” in an integral part of the awareness and public information campaign called “Integrity is freedom”. The aim of this campaign is to cultivate public integrity and zero-tolerance to corruption climate in public entities of the Republic of Moldova, by increasing the society’s confidence in the fact that public agents fulfill their mission in line with the public interest, by encouraging those who disclose corruption acts, as well as averting corruption risks in public entities by sanctioning their managers for lack of institutional and professional integrity.

For more details, please contact Olga Crivoliubic, project manager, e-mail:

Drawing contest “Talent does not take bribes. Integrity in images”

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