The Climate Change Office in partnership with the UNDP, has launched a contest for journalistic articles on climate change adaptation issues

Jun 30, 2017

Journalists gather in Moldova. Photo: UNDP Moldova / Mircea Zatusevschi

The Climate Change Office and the Ministry of Environment, in partnership with the UNDP, have launched a contest for journalistic articles on climate change adaptation issues. It is open to all journalists from national and local press, online media, radio and television. The competition is held through the Project "Supporting Moldova’s National Climate Change Adaptation Planning Process", funded by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management of the Republic of Austria, through UNDP.

The objective of the contest is to encourage the representatives of mass media to report about the Republic of Moldova’s adaptation to climate change, to increase their interest in tackling such issues, to contribute to the development and promotion of a platform for effective communication in the field of climate change, as well as to empower society vis-à-vis the adaptation process.

The contest for journalistic materials on adaptation to climate change has been launched today, 30 June with deadline on 1 October 2017. The contest accepts journalistic articles that have been drafted and disseminated / published in the period of 1 July to 1 October 2017.

The contest accepts news, analysis articles, reports, interviews, editorials, opinion articles and images (infographics or original photos that were published with relevant comments) which refers to:

• the impact of climate change on the economy and the population in our country, including on the vulnerable groups;

• the needs of climate change adaptation at national, sectoral and community levels;

• identification and promotion actions for adaptation at the national and sub-national levels, specifically at the community level;

• sustainable development and actions needed to adapt to climate change;

• the urban sensitivity to the effects of climate change;

• addressing the issue of climate change from the perspective of gender equality;

• security and food safety in conditions of climate change;

• the impact of climate change on ecosystems and biodiversity in the Republic of Moldova.

A jury, consisting of professionals from the media and NGOs, will examine accepted publications and will designate the winners.

Articles will be assessed depending on their complexity, relevance of topic, quality of documentation, originality, presentation and data visualization tools, impact, compliance with ethics.

Participants will need to send a minimum of 3 materials to enter the contest and have the right to participate in one of the following categories:

1) On-line / Print (for articles published in newspapers, on web pages);

2) Radio (for the materials in audio version);

3) TV (for the materials in video version);

4) Blog (commentary/analysis/opinion published on a personal blog or on a common platform).

A winner will be selected for each category and will be offered a cash prize of 5 thousand lei.

Publications / materials can be sent in electronic form (link to the source where it was published), printed, audio and video, at the following email address: with the title Contest for journalistic articles on the climate change adaptation issues. Also, they can be sent by mail or brought in a sealed envelope to the following address: 156a, Mitropolit Dosoftei Street, off. 36., Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, with the inscription Contest for journalistic articles on the climate change adaptation issues. The contact person is Ala Druta, manager of the project.

The award ceremony will take place on 15 November at a round table discussion about the impact of climate change on mankind and about the main adaptation actions for our country.

The timeframe of the competition:

  • June 30, 2017: launch of the competition;
  • June 30 – October 1: the competition takes place;
  • October 1: deadline for participation in the competition for all categories;
  • October 2 – 10: selection process;
  • October 15: announcement of the winners.

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