30,000 People from Taraclia District have now access to safe drinking water sources

May 10, 2017

Public drinking water distribution stations, built with the financial support of the Embassy of Bulgaria under a project implemented by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), were inaugurated today in Taraclia and Tvardita towns.

Besides these two public stations, provided with modern water treatment equipment, another five were put into operation in Valea Perjei, Albota de Sus, Cairaclia, Ciumai and Cealic villages of Taraclia district.

“Investments were made in those villages having an acute shortage of drinking water. Making sure that population has access to safe water sources is a stringent priority for Taraclia district, the district’s water supply systems are damaged, and the water in the 400 public wells we have here is of poor quality. Hence, an alarming number of gastrointestinal diseases is reported in Taraclia district every year. They are caused mostly by the poor quality of the water”, said Chiril Tatarli, President of Taraclia district, during the inauguration.

He mentioned: “As of today, the life of the inhabitants of these seven communities will change for the better. I’m sure that these public drinking water stations, provided with modern equipment, will become an attraction for all inhabitants of the communities. The financial support provided by the Embassy of Bulgaria is very timely and relevant for us. We would never have been able to accomplish these works on our own”.

The financial support of the Embassy of Bulgaria also made possible the rebuild of the roof of “Grigore Tamblac” State University dormitory in Taraclia. Because of the roof that had been damaged for several years, the fourth and fifth floors of the dormitory could no longer be used, so the building with an initial capacity of 400 beds could not accommodate more than 180 students. The Embassy of Bulgaria offered EUR 275,000 to build and equip the 7 drinking water distribution stations and to rebuild the roof.

“We are glad to see how our investment has improved the living conditions of Taraclia district inhabitants. We managed to bring drinking water to people who needed it mostly and thus we helped to prevent people from the region from getting sick. This means that this project has reached its goal and is a successful one. Jointly with UNDP, we hope to implement other projects contributing to the sustainable development of the Republic of Moldova”, noted Petar Valov, Ambassador of the Republic of Bulgaria to the Republic of Moldova.

“Water and sanitation are key prerequisites for sustainable, peaceful and prosperous development and there are powerful evidences that support this statement. However, unfortunately today about 40% of Moldova’s population does not have access to safe drinking water and sanitation. This is worrisome and calls for immediate and concerted efforts to address the challenge and ensure everyone in the country has access to clean water and sanitation and can afford receiving the service. This partnership project is providing a critical contribution towards this end”, said Dafina Gercheva, UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative for the Republic of Moldova.

Taraclia is a district located in the south of Moldova, with a population of approximately 44,000 people, of which two thirds are of Bulgarian ethnicity.

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