500 ha of pastures in Orhei National Park region have been rehabilitated with European Union support

Apr 4, 2017

Photo: UNDP Moldova. Farmer in Ghetlova, one of the sites that has been part of the project's carbon stock inventory of 5,890 ha of pasturelands

Throughout 3 years, the European Union funded Clima East Project, implemented by the UNDP, developed and implemented innovative systems of public pastures and forests management in the Orhei National Park region, aiming at preventing soil erosion and carbon capture and storage. The results of the project were presented today at a closing workshop in Orhei.

Clima East project demonstrated a natural resources management model that increased the capacity of the ecosystem to capture and store carbon under the conditions of pending environmental risks, and, in the same time, preserved existing biodiversity and economic values.

“The project Clima East has proved its effectiveness due to the interest and active participation of all key stakeholders. In addition to achieve the goal of the project, to enhance capacity of ecosystems to capture carbon as a result of the improvement of management of pasturelands and forestry sectors, it has demonstrated that the enforcement by LPAs of the policies and legislation developed by the Ministry of Environment brings benefits both locally and nationally”, said Inga Podoroghin, State Secretary at the Ministry of Environment.

Around 500 ha of pastureland were rehabilitated and 150 ha of eroded and unproductive land were afforested, with European Union support. As a result of the measures taken to prevent soil erosion, the average productivity of pastures rose by about 2,5 times, from 2,04 t hay/ha (2014) to 4,59 t/ha, while the indicator of carbon accumulation has improved by over 200%. 

“This EU-funded project has directly assisted communities of Orhei National Park to rehabilitate pastures and improve the management of forests. It is an example of a successful project at the local level contributing to the common effort to address the challenges of climate change”, said Aneil Singh, Head of Cooperation Section at European Union Delegation to the Republic of Moldova.

18 communities part of Orhei National Park developed, with project’s support, Forest Management Plans covering over 1,400 ha of communal forests, as well as Pasture Management Plans covering 5,000 ha of pastureland. These plans ensure sustainable management of natural resources for the period of 10 years, as well as required restoration measures.

Also, more than 100 representatives of local public authorities and entrepreneurs were trained to have a better understanding of the effects of climate change over pastures and forests. Useful information and practical advice on the matter were included in a Guide for sustainable management of communal pastures and forests.

To ensure continuity of the project intervention, the project has offered agricultural equipment to “Prosper-Rural”, the only inter-municipal enterprise in the region which provides services to 4 communities and has a potential for sustainable management of community pastures and forests. The equipment, in amount of 22,000 euros, facilitates pasture restoration and management activities.

“The Clima East Project has contributed to ecosystem-based adaption which we hope will generate multiple environmental, social and economic benefits in terms of reduced deterioration of natural resources (biodiversity, land, forest), enhanced carbon sequestration, a decrease in Green House Gas emissions, and improved local pasture and forestry resources”, said Stefan Liller, UNDP Deputy Resident Representative.

Clima East, implemented during 2013-2016, is a regional project package, financed by the European Union, which aims to offer assistance to the countries from the Eastern Partnership and Russian Federation, in dealing with mitigating and adapting to climate change. The seven countries involved – Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Russian Federation and Ukraine, are working towards complementing the activities for ecosystem-based adaptation and mitigation.

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