- Moldova can learn from human stories of success and failures in job seeking

Apr 3, 2017

UNDP continues to collect stories about jobs and unemployment, in particular from young women and men, via the website The platform does not require the users to submit personal data.

Since late 2015, as part of a regional initiative, UNDP Moldova had collected more than 900 micronarratives, app. 40% of them coming from youth.

“Analysis of the micronarratives reveal that skills mismatch and underutilization are an important barrier to employment for every fourth respondent, together with lack of opportunities and resources, noted by every third person that shared his or her story on”, noted Dumitru Vasilescu, Project Manager at UNDP Moldova.

Those stories inspired and put the basis for several initiatives to promote employability, such as the establishment in the nearest future of a modern youth-centered skills observatory and experimentation Lab. The Lab will facilitate generating and pilot innovative solutions and experiments to spur employability and self-employment for youth.

The youth-centered skills observatory and experimentation Lab will be undertaking collection and analysis of data on unemployment, developing position papers for the Government and other stakeholders, but also developing and implementing specific experiment to promote youth employability and self-employment.

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