23 localities launch community projects co-financed by migrants

Dec 19, 2016

Photo: Children of Pelinia village, waiting for a park to be modernized in their community - one of the projects included on the crowdfunding platform

Mayors from 23 localities lay the basis of several community development projects by signing grant agreements of USD 20,000 each, offered by the Swiss Government via UNDP.  

Most projects relate to local infrastructure and aim to improve the lives of people at local level. Thus, 23 villages and towns from Moldova will benefit from better water supply, waste management, maintenance of local roads, recreation and sports facilities, public lighting, local economic development and other complex municipal services.

For the first time, migrants from these localities will contribute financially to local development in a secure and transparent manner through the online fundraising platform for community projects - www.Guvern24.md. A separate module dedicated to local communities was developed on the platform, with the support of the Migration and Local development Project (MIDL), which will be available to all 898 local governments from the country.

“Moldovan citizens, who live in the country or abroad will have the opportunity to contribute to the development of their home communities regardless of the distance that separates them. It is one of the most viable solutions generated under the Migration and Local Development Project, aiming to decrease the distance between people and change the dimension of migration - from a problem to an opportunity for the local communities”, said Olesea Cazacu, Manager of Migration and Local Development Project.

For greater transparency and wider dissemination, each locality described the project with images and narrative and placed them on the www.Guvern24.md platform. Therefore, the 40 thousand natives who left MiDL partner communities will have the opportunity to learn about the launching of these projects and contribute financially to their implementation. Additionally, the natives will be able to track, at any stage, the fundraising and implementation progress of the projects they contributed to. The 23 projects were identified and prioritized by local governments after consultations with citizens via on-online surveying of the local population and the diaspora.

It is important to build a closer relationship with our natives through regular information about the locality and projects in progress, no matter where in the world they might be. In order to keep them informed and up-to-date with news from home, we, those from the mayoralty, in cooperation with Rusestii Noi Hometown Association plan to organize information campaigns, using social networks, Youtube channel and local sites on a regular basis”, said Pavel Codreanu, Mayor of Rusestii Noi (Ialoveni).   

The 23 projects will generate positive changes to the lives of almost 100,000 citizens from 5 towns and 18 villages of the country. The total amount of projects to be implemented is USD 740,000.

The “Migration and Local Development” Project (MiDL) is implemented by the United Nations Development Programme and funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.

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Tatiana Solonari, MiDL Communication Consultant, tatiana.solonari@undp.org, 069377215

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