HACK.CORRUPTION – the winning projects of the first anticorruption hackathon have been launched

Dec 15, 2016

The three winning projects of the hackathon HACK.CORRUPTION are about to transform from bold and innovative ideas into web platforms meant to involve citizens in reporting corruption cases. The platforms were launched on December 15th, 2016, at a press conference.

In July 2016, at the initiative of the United Nations Development Programme Moldova (UNDP Moldova), with the financial support of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, took place the first anticorruption hackathon in Moldova. HACK.CORRUPTION event took place on July 8-10th 2016 at Generator Hub (Chisinau) and was organized by CIVITTA and Garage48. The National Anticorruption Center and the Center for Electronic Governance partnered for this iniative.

During 48 hours, 11 teams formed of civic activists, journalists, developers, marketers, project managers, designers, worked intensively to conceptualize and develop innovative solutions aiming to  involving citizens in reporting corruption cases, and encouraging authorities to fight this scourge.

The grand winner project of the hackathon, www.openmoney.md, is already functional. The platform shows who are the final beneficiaries of the public contracts, by using open data on public procurement and founders/administrators of companies.

The other two winning projects are in process of being finalized:

  • www.startin.md – platform where entrepreneurs can ask questions regarding the complicated bureaucratic processes in Moldova, and receive official answers that clarify these processes.
  • CoBoT – a platform-robot that communicates with users on corruption-related questions and helps them report corruption cases.

The three finalists were awarded with 10,000 USD for the full development of their idea, as well as mentorship from local and estonian experts.

Contact information

Ecaterina Silova, Country manager, CIVITTA Moldova, 0 797 55 099, email ecaterina.silova@civitta.com

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