With EU Support, communicable diseases will be treated in a modernized health facility in Rezina

Oct 12, 2016

A regional health facility for treatment of communicable diseases was modernized with the support of the European Union. Annually, 500 inhabitants from left and right banks of Nistru river will benefit of the services of this medical institution. The unit was renovated within the EU-funded “Support to Confidence Building Measures Programme”, implemented by UNDP Moldova.

Two years ago both doctors and patients used to say that the communicable diseases unit in Rezina needs more help than the patients. Constructed in 1967, the building used only half of its capacities with a part being closed in 2000 due to its damages. In such conditions, it was difficult for the doctors to provide adequate treatment.

"From now on our patients will only have to fight their disease, not the poverty in the ward, as they used to. The new conditions are safe and the risk of infections spreading is minimal", says Maria Vrabie, head of the unit.

With European support, each ward has been equipped with furniture, air purification system that prevents infections from spreading, as well as with a patient-nurse communication system. The building was completely refurbished. The windows, doors, roof, and old engineering networks were changed with new ones. Thus, the communicable diseases unit from Rezina became the most modern public line institution of Moldova. The EU provided more than 160 thousand euros for the unit’s renovation. The community, in its turn, contributed with about 18 thousand euros for the site improvement and heating system installation.

"We are proud to be here today and to talk about our joint achievements. Together with our partners we are committed to strengthen and modernise and develop the healthcare sector for the benefit of all residents.  This includes promoting contacts and exchange of know-how between the medical practitioners from both sides of the Nistru”, noted Aneil Singh, Head of Operations, Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Moldova.

The Rezina district hospital is of regional importance. Inhabitants of Soldanesti, Telenesti, Orhei districts, as well as those who live on the left bank of the Nistru, benefit of its services. Moreover, one third of Rezina Hospital employees live in Ribnita.

"We make no difference between those who live on the right or the left bank of the Nistru, neither when they come in for treatment, nor when they seek employment. When you provide medical assistance, you do it, no matter from what bank of the Nistru River the patient is. Doctors and nurses from Ribnita and Rezina also collaborate intensely. We know each other and we help each other when we need advice", says Nina Postu, Hospital director.

The number of patients with hepatitis A infection in Rezina exceeds the average per country. According to the president of the district council, Eleonora Graur, the modernized unit will contribute to tackling this issue.

In 2013, the surgery unit of Rezina District Hospital was also renovated with European funding. This is the 15th medical institution that has been modernised within the European programme that aims to increase confidence between people from both banks of the Nistru River. The medical facilities in Gura-Bicului and Hagimus villages are being also refurbished.

Since its launch in 2009, over 70 social infrastructure facilities were modernised within the Programme.

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