“Make Apples Cool”: 5 schools and kindergartens that will benefit from fresh sliced apple snacks were selected

Jun 20, 2016

UNDP Moldova announces about the selection of 5 schools and kindergartens that will participate in the pilot project for increasing the consumption of fresh fruits in the pre-school and school institutions in the Republic of Moldova.

The beneficiaries of the project are:

  • Kindergarten No. 91;
  • School-kindergarten No. 152 “Step by Step”;
  • School-kindergarten No. 199;
  • Theoretical Lyceum “Universul”;
  • Theoretical Lyceum “Mihai Viteazul”.

“We appreciate the importance from early childhood of nutrition rich in vitamins. The benefic impact on increasing children’s immunity will be also felt in relation to their general development. We really hope that from the motto All the best for children we will switch to concrete facts”, said Valentina Lungu, Director of the School-Kindergarten No. 152 “Step by Step”.

The assessment of the applicants was based on:

  • The application form, in which the educational institutions has confirmed its intention to contribute financially to the implementation of the project with sources from its budget and has specified the share for meals, which the institutions will redirect for fresh fruit snacks;
  • The participation statement, signed by at least 10% of parents;
  • A short description of the way in which the institution will organize the distribution of fruits among children.

“Further on, we will closely work with the selected institutions so as to guarantee an organized process of storage and distribution of snacks and we will monitor children’s reactions at every stage, so as to study thoroughly their interaction with fresh fruit snacks, which popularity we aim to increase. Meanwhile, donations are welcome and very necessary for a successful implementation of the project”, said Dumitru Vasilescu, Project Manager at UNDP Moldova.   

The “Make Apples Cool” Campaign is collecting funds for getting involved as many children as possible in the program for promoting health food habits. Until now, the campaign succeeded to collect 71% of the necessary amount for the first tranche of 4,000 USD (54% on the international platform Indiegogo and 17% of the web page of the campaign www.picivoinici.md and through terminals payments). The collected funds will be doubled by UNDP Moldova and used for providing fresh sliced apple snacks during the entire school year for up to 20,00 children.

This initiative is part of the “Innovative Business Development for Local Sustainable Economic Growth” Project financially supported by the Norwegian Government and UNDP Moldova, aiming to promote innovation in the sector of small and medium enterprises, through transfer and absorption of knowledge, technologies, and communication among enterprises. The Project is implemented during 2014-2017. 

Contact information

Dumitru Vasilescu, Project Manager, UNDP Moldova, tel.: (373 22) 839911, dumitru.vasilescu@undp.org  

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