“Modern School” Challenge: rewarding 5 best solutions for the school of XXI century

Jan 23, 2015

Presentation of top 5 innovative solutions in Chisinau. Photo: UNDP/Moldova

Top 5 innovative solutions for the modern school were presented and awarded in Chisinau. The action is a part of the “Modern School” Challenge launched by the Social Innovation Lab – MiLab with the support of the Ministry of Education, CNTM and Moldcell. The Social Innovation Lab – MiLab, set up by UNDP Moldova and E-Government Centre, acts as a multilateral platform which engages different actors from public, private and non-profit sectors to seek and experiment with innovative approaches to the society’s problems.

The „Modern School” public challenge is an appeal to the society to be involved more actively in the reforming and improvement of educational system, in particular, of school education.  The first stage of the Challenge was held between 28 November-22 December, and it included the online collection of the ideas to a question: How could we ensure that school develops key competences applicable in further life? During this period about 50 ideas for the improvement of school education were submitted. Subsequently, young people, their parents, teachers and other people who accessed the platform could vote for the best idea in their opinion.  Thus, at the end of this stage top 5 ideas were selected being supported by the majority of 752 participants of the vote.  

“All those who came up with their ideas of the solution deserve appreciation. The majority of the submitted ideas were relevant for the boost of the educational system’s quality and for the shaping of modern school profile. We’re looking forward to the results of the projects selected for the piloting stage, and if they are feasible we will examine the possibility to implement them at larger scale” affirmed Dan Perciun, head of E-Transformation and Informatics Department, Ministry of Education of Republic of Moldova. 

MiLab together with their partners invited, on 23 January, 17:00, the authors of top 5 ideas for an informal event at Moldcell Café to reward them for their initiative, elaborated ideas and craving to contribute to the improvement of school education.  

Along with them, the meeting was also attended by the team members who will work at the piloting of the ideas selected by the MiLab and Ministry of Education: Open School, Career Orientation and Promotion of Volunteering. Ideas for the piloting stage were selected from the overall submitted ideas based on the criteria announced on the web-page of the “Modern School” Challenge: cost-effectiveness, feasibility, sustainability, a possibility of implementation during 4 months.

Stela Mocan, Executive Director of the Centre of Electronic Government, talking about this project mentioned: “Education is a champion of reforms. Together with the Ministry of Education we’re happy to carry out the innovations agenda within the Government and for the Government.”

Moldcell, one of the main partners of MiLab, hosted the event, offered the prizes to the participants and reaffirmed their support for implementation of the selected solutions. Irina Strajescu, Director of Communication and Brand Management Department at Moldcell, explained why the company supports this initiative: “Moldcell is supporting the activities of Milab as it offers a chance for all people born in Moldova to participate directly in development of the community and country. Being a part of the Finnish-Swedish group TeliaSonera which stood at the origins of mobile telephony, innovation is fixed in the genetic code of Moldcell. Thus, the company provides an opportunity for the innovators to experiment, dream and work freely.”

Alexandru Oprunenco, Policy Specialist at UNDP Moldova claimed that “engagement of people in seeking of the best solutions is the best path to suggest something sustainable, because exactly they are the experts of personal necessities and daily experiences. And while we see that namely young people come up with innovations, it is very important to ensure those ideas get deployed, and MiLab provides such a possibility within the “Modern School” Challenge.”

In the past years, UNDP carried out a series of initiatives which involved people in Moldova in finding out innovative solutions to the most pressing issues in the society. Thus, in May of the last year -  1200 participants from 97 communities in Moldova, including the Transnistrian region and the ATU Gagauzia, took part in an online game “Youth@Work” wherein young people, employers and decision-makers discussed issues related to unemployment and migration and identified together solutions for overcoming problems faced by local communities in Moldova.

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Cristina Lisii, Communication Officer, Centre of Social Innovations, cristina.lisii@undp.org. 

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