Deprivation index of rural communities adjusted to policy framework in Moldova

Aug 25, 2014

Small Areas Deprivation Index provides detailed and disaggregated data about the development level of local communities in Moldova. Photo: PNUD Moldova

Representatives of the central and local authorities, National Bureau of Statistics, civil society, academia and development partners participated today in the round table „ Small Areas Deprivation Index: Relevance, Use and Methodological Review” organized by the Ministry of Economy in cooperation with the National Bureau of Statistics in the framework of the UN Programme “Strengthening the national statistical system”.

Small Areas Deprivation Index (SADI) is a composite indicator which shows the development level of a local community at the lowest territorial disaggregation, covering all rural communities in Moldova. SADI combines 7 sets of indicators related to economic development, access to education and infrastructure facilities, heath care and the extent which local public budgets can afford community development and support to vulnerable groups of population.

As of 2003, SADI is annually calculated by the Ministry of Economy mainly using the data collected from local mayor’s offices with small adjustments to the content throughout this period while the country’s development context has significantly evolved both at the national and local level. Thus, the UN Programme helped ensure the full methodological review of the Index by harmonizing the indicators with the existing policy framework, identifying qualitative data at the lowest level of disaggregation and adjusting the calculation methodology of SADI.

Octavian Calmîc, Deputy Minister of Economy, said that SADI’s review was important as it allows authorities to better target its efforts to improve people’s life. “We are all aware of the fact that the statistical data we get from the regions is not sufficient and that we need to improve methodology and quality. This data is both useful for central and local authorities in estimating the economic and social realities as well as other aspects of local development”.

UN Resident Coordinator in Moldova, Nicola Harrington-Buhay, noted that the Republic of Moldova is among few countries which promote a multidimensional approach to poverty analysis. „It is key that adequate attention is paid to disaggregated regional statistics and such evidences are used for human rights and human development based policies. It is of utmost importance for development partners to know the challenges faced by the people in order to better target their assistance to Moldova and its people.”

Artur Răducanu, Secretary of the Embassy of Romania to the Republic of Moldova, concluded that the SADI review will lay out the basis for development of mechanisms at the central and regional level for justification of investment projects and for accessing EU pre-accession funds. “Use of data is crucial for the development policies of the Republic of  Moldova”, Mr. Răducanu said.

Vitalie Valcov, Deputy Director General of the National Bureau of Statistics, highlighted that the results achieved were possible due to the cooperation of all project’s partners. ”It is important that this cooperation does not stop here and that we will be able to continue collecting the data which is so crucial for the country”.

SADI methodological review was carried out in the framework of the UN joint programme “Strengthening the national statistics system”, implemented by the National Bureau of Statistics in cooperation with the Ministry of Regional Development and Constructions and Ministry of Economy, with the support of UNDP and funds from the Romanian Government.

The Joint UN Project helps to strengthen the national statistical system through improvement of collection, dissemination and use of socio-economic statistical data. It contributes to harmonisation of official statistics with international standards as well as to improving the availability, quality and use of disaggregated data, in particular regional statistics, to enhance the participatory policy-making process.

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