Video Guide helps biomass energy users buy high quality biofuel

Aug 13, 2014

A Video Guide that helps the users distinguish between high quality and poor quality biofuels by using tools readily-available to everybody has been developed by the EU-UNDP Moldova Energy and Biomass Project in partnership with the Energy Efficiency Agency.

The Infographics in video format is addressed to Managers of kindergartens, schools, community centres, and undertakings connected to biomass heating systems, as well as to private individuals who are going to purchase briquettes and pellets for the heating season to come.

“Choosing high quality biofuels appropriate for the biomass-based boilers is a core condition for efficient operation of biomass heating plants and, ultimately, for ensuring indoor thermal comfort. This video guide will help our Beneficiaries identify high quality briquettes and pellets on the basis of affordable methods”, Alexandru Ursul, Manager of Moldova Energy and Biomass Project, has mentioned.

Please note that there is no laboratory to test the quality of biofuel in the Republic of Moldova. Therefore, the Authorities are searching for solutions to establish such a lab. Concurrently, as per a Government Decision approved in December 2013, certification of solid biofuel manufactured in Moldova would be mandatory as of January 2015.

More than 140 kindergartens, schools and community centres across the country will enter the new heating season 2014-2015 having modern biomass heating systems in place installed at the expense of European funds allocated through Moldova Energy and Biomass Project. Also, 500 households have biomass boilers installed, being refunded part of the incurred costs by the Project.

The increased demand for biofuel has led to the launch of more than 100 businesses involved in briquette and pellet manufacturing, while the market for such fuel is under development. The existing equipment has a production potential of approximately 120 thousand tonnes per year, and this quantity is equivalent to circa 53,7 million m3 of natural gas or 80,000 tonnes of coal.

The Infographics will be circulated to the Beneficiaries of Moldova Energy and Biomass Project, posted on websites of Project national and local partners, promoted through social networking and Mass-media.

Moldova Energy and Biomass Project is a four-year project implemented during 2011-2014. The Project total budget equals to EUR 14.56 million, allocated by the EU (EUR 14 million) and UNDP Moldova (EUR 560,000).

Contact Information

Ina Prisacaru-Zglavuta, Communication and Media Officer, Moldova Energy and Biomass Project, Phone: (373 22)839985,