Business School has opened up new opportunities for entrepreneurs on the left bank of the Nistru River

Jul 1, 2014

imageBusiness school created with EU-UNDP support contributes to business development and new jobs. Photo: UNDP Moldova

More than 900 entrepreneurs benefited from trainings and support in implementing their business ideas within the Business School that was established on the left bank of the Nistru River with the assistance of the EU-UNDP Support to Confidence Building Measures Programme. Today, the graduates of the three Business School branch offices situated in Tiraspol, Bender and Ribnita got together in a conference to exchange experience and to share their results.

During the last two years of the School’s functioning, 16 local trainers were trained, ensuring sustainability of the business training programmes. Tens of entrepreneurs and local authorities from the left bank of the Nistru River have improved their managerial skills while many of them established relations with the partners from the right bank as well as from abroad as a result of the study visits. As a result of the project, 1 338 jobs, among which 395 are women and 15 people with disabilities, have been created.

”Besides theoretical knowledge and practical classes, our trainees had the possibility to learn good practices and successful models from previous graduates, which made them more self-confident and provided them with new ideas for developing their businesses. As a result, about 20% of the graduates of the beginner entrepreneurs’ courses started their own business. And this number is constantly growing”, said Anna Mikolisina, Business School director.

“The EU is proud of the results of this flagship project under our joint EU-UNDP Support to Confidence Building Programme. On 27 June, Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia signed an Association Agreement, including a Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement. That means that nearly 80% of Transnistria's external trade will then be conducted with either the EU, or countries covered by the free trade area. That can create a lot of new opportunities for Transnistrian business. In this respect, we look forward to continue supporting cross-river initiatives presented by entrepreneurs from both banks under the new CBM programme that has been adopted”, stated Ambassador Pirkka Tapiola, Head of the EU Delegation to the Republic of Moldova.
 “Support to confidence building measures” Programme aims at building confidence between people living on both banks of the Nistru River so that they work and improve together their living standards. In this context, the European Union and the UNDP provide financial and technical support to joint activities in five core areas: business development, civil society, social infrastructure renovation, health care and environment protection.

The programme is implemented during 2012-2015 with a total budget of euro 10.6 million provided  by the European Union (Euro 9.5 million ) and UNDP (Euro 1.1 million). 

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