Winners of the first-ever online social game in Moldova awarded

May 19, 2014

Winners received MDL 10 000 each for the implementation of the projects in the area of job creation and professional development of youth in rural communities. Photo: UNDP Moldova

The most innovative community projects of the first-ever online social game in Moldova „Youth@Work” were awarded today. The 4 winners received MDL 10 000 each for the implementation of the projects in the area of job creation and professional development of youth in rural communities.

The online game “Youth@Work” ( focused on addressing youth unemployment and is part of a number of initiatives in the region through which the United Nations, together with people, try to identify innovative solutions for the most pressing issues of the society. Through this online game, young people, employers and decision-makers debated on issues related to unemployment and migration and identified together solutions for overcoming problems faced by local communities in Moldova. The game was created in the framework of a project implemented by the National Youth Council in Moldova in cooperation with Emerson College from the USA, with the financial support of the European Union and United Nations Development Programme in the Republic of Moldova.

The idea to create this game came from youth concerns about the lack of jobs, expressed during the national consultations on the Future Moldova Wants after 2015, the target year for the achievement of the eight Millennium Development Goals. The content of the game was developed during a series of public consultations, organized in eight regions of the Republic of Moldova, including UTA Gagauzia and the Transnistrian region, with the participation of over 200 young people.

„We see the youth today as main drivers of change, as producers of innovative and valuable ideas to solve the most pressing problems of the society. The online game represents a new way to foster youth participation, education and productive discussion around challenges Moldova faces. Indeed, this is young people who jointly generate solutions to the issues they face in their lives and this makes them such important co-owners of their own and country’s development. We are extremely pleased to contribute through such a way to enhancing the development opportunities for young people and hope that through the awarded community projects this process of engagement will gain momentum”, said Nicola Harrington-Buhay, UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative in the Republic of Moldova.

During three weeks, 7-28 April 2014, the online platform „Youth@Work” hosted about 1200 participants from 97 localities from the Republic of Moldova, including the Transnistrian region and UTA Gagauzia. Through this game, young people had the possibility to submit community development projects within the ideas bank. Overall, 29 initiatives have been submitted, out of which 4 winning projects have been selected which focus on the creation of jobs for youth in the rural communities and support for young people and women in their professional development. The game had three phases: during the first phase, 43.66 % of the participants said local authorities were inefficient in reducing the unemployment rate. 55% said that either they or their family members faced unemployment. The second phase revealed factors influencing the career choice: parents - 52%, lyceum - 20%.  Only 14% of the youth said they chose their career independently. The third phase of the game showed that 56% of participants would prefer to remain in Moldova, with 19 % saying they would like to migrate to European Union, 16% - USA, 6% - Russia and 3% of participants in the game mentioned other destinations.

“We are grateful to see young people from both banks of the Nistru River addressing their own economic needs, creating synergies for economic convergence. The European Union is particularly pleased to support such initiatives and will continue to provide people of Moldova with specific development opportunities”, said Danielle Keulen, Deputy Head, Operations Section, European Union Delegation to Moldova.

Apart from the online social game, the project implemented by the National Youth Council of Moldova with the financial support of the EU and UNDP, carried out a study on youth competitiveness in Moldova “How competitive is the youth on the labour market” which reveals key elements of state policies, expenditures and investments aimed at enabling youth and their further employment in the labour market, as well as the annual state losses due to youth unemployment in Moldova.  

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