Catalogue which promotes handicrafts practiced in “Orhei” National Park

Apr 12, 2014

imageCatalogue cover, UNDP Moldova

The first comprehensive catalogue of handicrafts practiced in “Orhei” National Park region was presented during the International Specialized Exhibition of tourism, leisure and hotels in Chisinau.

The Catalogue, developed with the support of United Nations Development Programme, presents 90 craftsmen from 18 settlements within the "Orhei" National Park practicing crafts as decorative woodworking, stone carving, ironmongery, artistic waving, plant fibre waving, manufacture of musical instruments and eggs decoration. It shows the works made ​​by craftsmen and includes a map with the handicraft location in the park.

"This catalogue is important in the framework of the tourism development strategy "Tourism 2020" implementation, which promotes national traditions of the Republic of Moldova", said Victor Ciobanu, Head of policy, tourism development and marketing department of the Tourism Agency of the Republic of Moldova.

”Orhei” National Park covers an important area of 33,8 thousand hectares of Moldovan “Codri” and includes 18 settlements in four districts - Orhei, Straseni, Calarasi and Criuleni. Established with the support of United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), it represents a model of sustainable development through responsible use of natural resources, conservation and improvement of landscape, biodiversity, ecosystem services and cultural values.

“”Orhei” National Park offers solutions to social and economic problems faced by communities in this area. Environmental issues and successful use of natural resources in the park are addressed through pilot projects for degraded pastures and lands restoration. Ecotourism development, creation of ecotourism routes and possibilities for accommodation in the "Orhei" National Park are developing activities which will enhance the attractiveness of the area for tourists. In this regard, over the past years there have been set up and marked five tourist routes and elaborated a touristic map of the National Park", said Alexandru Rotaru, Project manager, Environment and Energy area, UNDP Moldova.    

UNDP continues to provide support for the sustainable development of "Orhei" National Park by implementing the Clima East Moldova Project: Climate change mitigation and ecosystem-based adaptation in Orhei National Park which aims at demonstrating a sustainable model of natural resource management in the pastures and forests of the national park.

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