People in Hagimus, Talmaza and Cioburciu villages have now access to safe water

Mar 20, 2014

image700 families in 3 villages of southern Moldova have now access to affordable and safe water sources. Photo: Natalia Costas/UNDP

On the eve of the World Water Day, more than 700 families and several social institutions from the south of Moldova have been connected to drinking water. Water supply systems built with the financial support of the European Union and UNDP “Support to Confidence Building Measures” Programme were launched today in Hagimus, Talmaza and Cioburciu villages.

During the last 20 years, the inhabitants of the three villages suffered because of the damaged or lack of water supply systems, while statistical data shows that the majority of diseases and deaths are caused by the lack of water or its poor quality. According to the third National Report on the Millennium Development Goals (MDG), about 68.9 per cent of the urban population and only 22.7 per cent of the rural population benefited from water supply services in 2012. The same report shows that the poor quality of drinking water causes up to 15-20 per cent of the cases of acute diarrhoea and hepatitis A, and 25 per cent of the gastrointestinal diseases. At the same time, anaemia and congenital abnormalities are caused mainly by the high nitrates levels in the drinking water.

“I have been asked during the filed visits I make regularly and the discussions I have with people: “What will be every individual’s benefit from Moldova’s getting closer to Europe?” I am glad to announce you that today, in Hagimus, I found another answer to this question: people will have a considerably higher quality of life. They won’t have to carry water from wells, they won’t fall sick because of the poor quality of water and they will simply have a better life”, Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova, Iurie Leancă said.

With the support of the EU-UNDP Support to Confidence Building Programme, over 21 km of aqueduct was built, a new well was drilled and two others were rehabilitated in the three villages. The overall investment of the EU-UNDP Support to Confidence Building Programme in the three villages constituted over 326.447 euro, while the communities contributed with 40.396 euro.

 “Support to Confidence Building Measures is a critical component of EU assistance to the Republic of Moldova. Equal access to water is everyone’s basic right. We have been happy to see EU support making a difference in people’s lives by bringing affordable water to their homes. As a result of our efforts together with the Moldovan authorities and the UNDP, there are now over 700 families who have better living conditions and more economic opportunities. We will continue supporting the development of rural communities on both banks of the Nistru River and providing access to basic services for all. The EU is committed to delivery of concrete benefits of EU-Moldova relations through fair access to public goods such as education, justice, health and social services for all citizens”, Head of the European Union Delegation in the Republic of Moldova, Ambassador Pirkka Tapiola said.

The building and renovation of the water supply systems provided the inhabitants not only with access to improved water sources, but also with more affordable costs. “The drinking water used to be brought in a tractor tank once in two weeks, because the wells in our village are too deep and the water is not drinkable. Now we have a tap outside and we will pay 5 times less”, said Tatiana Tiganas from Talmaza, mother of eight.

"The national consultations on the future Moldova wants after 2015 - the target date for achieving the eight Millennium Development Goals - have shown that people are concerned about the limited access and poor quality of water and sanitation. That is why we will continue to support projects which provide access to basic services and improve quality of life for all people on both banks of the Nistru River", said Narine Sahakyan, UNDP Deputy Resident Representative in Moldova. Narine Sahakyan also mentioned the partnerships between Nezavertailovka and Cioburciu from the left bank of Nistru and Talmaza and Cioburciu communities from the right bank of the river, with the aim to ensure population’s access to drinking water. These partnerships were financially supported by the EU-UNDP Support to Confidence Building Programme.

This is not the entire assistance provided to by the European Union and UNDP to Causeni and Stefan Voda districts through the Support to Confidence Building Programme. The sport school of Chircaiesti village and the kindergarten from Firladeni village were renovated, and an agricultural market was also build in Firladeni within the EU-UNDP Programme. This year, the EU-UNDP Programme will help refurbish the kindergarten from Copanca and build a modern market in Rascaieti village. A solid waste management service extension project is to be launched soon in several localities from the security zone, including several localities from Causeni district, with the assistance of the EU-UNDP Confidence Building Programme.

The Support to Confidence Building Measures Programme aims at enhancing confidence between people on both banks of the Nistru river, so that they work and improve together their living standards. The European Union and UNDP Moldova provide financial and technical support for joint activities in five key areas: business development, civil society development, social infrastructure renovation, health care and environment protection.

The Programme is implemented during 2012-2015 with a total budget of 10.600.000 Euro, provided by the European Union (9,500,000 Euro) and UNDP (1,100,000 Euro).

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