Share of subsidies for procurement of biomass boilers increased to 1,300 EURO

Mar 3, 2014

imageThe presentation of a pellet-burning boiler made in Moldova. Photo: UNDP Moldova/Mihai Maciuca

People willing to heat their dwellings or microenterprises with biomass may purchase modern pellet/briquette-fired boilers and get a boiler cost refund in the amount of 1,300 EURO. The decision to increase the share of subsidies from 1,000 to 1,300 EURO was approved on 28 February by the EU-UNDP Moldova Energy and Biomass Project Board, chaired by Valeriu Lazar, Minister of Economy.

”The financial support granted for the installation of biomass boilers in dwellings or microenterprises in the rural areas is targeted at several objectives. On one hand, the country energy independence and security is enhanced by the smart use of agricultural waste; and, on the other, the citizens’ living standards are improved since they have got heating comfort at lower costs compared to the traditional energy resources”, Valeriu Lazar, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Economy said.

The boilers to be purchased under this Programme will be assembled in the Republic of Moldova. Until now, 15 companies have been accredited by the Energy Efficiency Agency to provide boilers to households within the Programme. These companies portfolio comprises a wide range of boilers either manufactured in the Republic of Moldova or assembled locally from parts made by well-known European manufacturers from countries such as Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Latvia and Greece. The companies to deliver biomass boilers will be accredited on a continuous basis.

”By increasing the amount of subsidies we aim to cover part of the costs incurred for boiler installation, which make up 30% of the boiler cost, on the average. The decision has been taken following many requests submitted by the people willing to get better prices for biomass boilers”, Nicolae Zaharia, Business Development Officer of the EU-UNDP funded Moldova Energy and Biomass Project, said.

About 600 families will be able to buy modern biomass boilers under advantageous conditions. So far, about 100 families have enrolled in the Programme.

All the information about the Programme, including the range of boilers offered and the contact data of accredited companies, is available at

The Programme aimed at supplying biomass boilers to households under advantageous conditions is an activity of the EU-UNDP funded Moldova Energy and Biomass Project carried out in partnership with the Energy Efficiency Agency.

Moldova Energy and Biomass Project is a four-year project implemented during 2011-2014. The Project total budget amounts to 14.56 Million EUR, provided by the European Union (14 million EUR) and UNDP Moldova (560,000 EUR).

For more information please contact:

Ina Prisăcaru-Zglavuţă, Communication and Media Officer, Moldova Energy and Biomass Project, phone: 069141006,

Nicolae Zaharia, Business Development Officer, Moldova Energy and Biomass Project, phone: 069713636,