Data collection and analysis contribute to the efficiency of police activity in Moldova

Dec 19, 2013

imageIntelligence led policing concept contributes to prompt identification of criminals and rapid solving of crimes. Photo: UNDP

The activity of Moldovan Police has become more efficient since the implementation of the intelligence led policing concept, which contributes to the prompt identification of criminals and rapid solving of crimes. The Government of Romania provided assistance worth US$ 130.000 through a project aimed at strengthening the capacities of the Ministry of Interior in fighting crime, implemented by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), to ensure the efficient operation of the Centre for Intelligence Analysis of the General Police Inspectorate.

Centre for Intelligence Analysis, established in 2013 within the General Police Inspectorate, was provided with IT equipment and analytical software to be able to conduct complex analysis of available crime related data. Being assisted by Romanian counterparts, the Centre`s specialists have increased their capacities in using modern techniques and instruments to perform data analysis, and the police officers from the district police inspectorates were introduced to the basics of data analysis activity.     

 „The assistance provided by the Romanian Government and UNDP supports the efforts of the Republic of Moldova to reform the Ministry of Interior, having as the ultimate goal to increase overall the level of public safety by enhancing the capacities to detect and prevent crimes”, said Dorin Recean, Minister of Interior of the Republic of Moldova.

“As an EU member-state, Romania has extensive experience in harmonizing the legislation and implementing the European standards in the field of justice and internal affairs”, said Marius Lazurca, Ambassador of Romania to the Republic of Moldova. „This project, the second completed within last two months and addressed to the Ministry of Interior`s colleagues, is part of the Government of Romania’s actions aimed at supporting the European integration efforts of the Republic of Moldova. At the same time, the project will ensure the raise of level of citizen`s security by setting up a modern mechanism for the prevention and combating crimes, based on risks analysis and qualitative assessment of data”, said Ambassador Lazurca.

Intelligence Led Policing emerged in last years, becoming an indispensable element of the law enforcement`s activity. It focuses on the collection and analysis of crime and social data to support on-going criminal investigations, as well as identify criminals and crime trends. The implementation of the intelligence led policing concept will ensure the compatibility with similar systems from other countries and will create premises for the fulfillment of the EU criteria in the area of preventing and combating crime.

“Data collection and analysis will help the Ministry of Interior better identify, analyze and investigate threats and take preventive action. This makes for more efficient use of available resources, and a safer environment for people”, said  Nicola Harrington-Buhay, UNDP Resident Representative in Moldova.

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