Parliaments of five countries to discuss their role in fighting corruption

Nov 18, 2013

imageMPs from the 5 countries will exchange experiences and share best practices in promoting and monitoring the implementation of the anti-corruption legislation. Photo: UNDP

Members of Parliaments of Serbia, Romania, Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova gathered in Chisinau to discuss the role of Parliaments in fighting corruption. The two-day workshop is organized by the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova with the support of UNDP’s Democracy Programme funded by the Governments of Denmark and Sweden.

MPs from the 5 countries will exchange experiences and share best practices in promoting and monitoring the implementation of the anti-corruption legislation. Experts from Finland, Sweden, Norway and Romania as well as from the Association for Participatory Democracy (ADEPT) and Transparency International will speak about international standards and the cooperation between Parliament and civil society in the field of anti-corruption, role of media, impact of corruption on development, and the role of audit in the fight against corruption.

Igor Corman, speaker of the Parliament of Moldova, noted that Parliament has a key role to play in fighting corruption through its tools and the adoption and monitoring of the implementation of the legislation. „In its efforts to fight corruption, it is important that the Parliament creates integrity standards which can contribute to increasing the efficiency of the activity of public institutions and provide the necessary tools for fulfilling their tasks”, said Mr. Corman.
According to the Speaker, modern public services and administration and e-governance are efficient actions to prevent corruption, getting the state closer to its people. At the same time, an efficient and credible petition system will help solve concrete problems in a shorter period of time, diminishing the risks of corruption.

UNDP’s Parliamentary Development Advisor and former Member of the Parliament of New Zealand Charles Chauvel will present a toolkit “Anti-Corruption Self- Assessment Tool for Parliamentarians” which provides practical suggestions on how to assess and improve the procedures and practices in the Parliament to achieve the highest level of transparency in decision making and integrity.

Corruption has a negative impact on the rule of law, development and public trust in institutions. According to Transparency International Moldova, 80% of Moldovans believe that corruption is holding back the development of their country. They rank corruption third among the problems they face, after poverty and unemployment.

The Republic of Moldova signed the UN Convention against Corruption on 28 September 2004 and ratified it by Law nr.158-XVI on 6 July 2007 committing itself to develop effective measures against corruption. The Parliament adopted in 2011 a National Anti-Corruption Strategy for 2011-2015 which aims at reducing the level of corruption in the public and private sector and creating a climate of zero-tolerance for corruption. Fighting corruption is also one of the main prerequisites for Moldova’s chosen European path.

"Tackling corruption is vital to vibrant healthy democracies and allows people the full enjoyment of their human rights”, said Nicola Harrington-Buhay, UNDP Resident Representative in Moldova. ”We see it is as key to support Moldova's legislators in their vital oversight role of domestic legislation and the country's international commitments under the United Nations Convention against Corruption."

Moldova Democracy Programme is implemented by UNDP during 2012-2016 with funds from the Governments of Denmark and Sweden. The Programme aims to strengthen the institutional capacity of the Parliament and Central Electoral Commission of the Republic of Moldova, improve their main functions and entrench gender and human rights aspects in formal political process.

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