School and kindergarten from Cotul Morii have energy independence due to the modern biofuel heating system

Nov 7, 2013

imageThe school and kindergarten from Cotul Morii of Hincesti District, attended by more than 250 children and teaching staff – are heated now with biofuel produced locally. Photo: UNDP

A modern biofuel heating system has been launched today at the school and kindergarten from Cotul Morii of Hincesti District. These premises – attended by more than 250 children and teaching staff – are heated now with biofuel produced locally. The Community has no access to the heating network fuelled with natural gas.

After the 2010 floods, Cotul Morii has been rebuilt from scratch, including the public institutions. ”We are impressed by the changes you managed to have done in the last three years. A school and kindergarten with modern infrastructure, a heating biofuel system that would ensure their energy security – all of these are the outcomes of the Community initiative, perseverance and efforts made for a better future for everybody. These are values the European Union supports in full”, Pirkka Tapiola, Head of the EU Delegation in the Republic of Moldova, has stated.

The Energy and Biomass Project investment in designing and installing the heating system in Cotul Morii amounted to $88,647 – this money has been allocated from European funds. The Community contributed with MDL 133,465 out of the local funds. This money has been invested in spatial planning, for hiring an Engineer and a Technical Manager, and for purchasing briquettes for one heating season.

“The biomass-based heating plant helped us have the school and kindergarten built in record time. The construction works were not stopped in winter time thanks to the supplied heat. As a result, nowadays the village children attend their own school and kindergarten, which along with the comfort of a modern building, provides them with heating comfort thanks to the heat generated out of the locally produced biofuel”, Lucia Guştiuc, Mayor of Cotul Morii, has mentioned.

Cotul Morii is one of the eight communities from Hincesti District, which have their schools and kindergartens connected to biofuel heating plants. “The school and kindergarten from Cotul Morii serve as an example of effective transposition of the Government goal to employ the renewable energy sources, to ensure energy security and energy efficient use.  By having chosen environment friendly technologies we actually develop the country economy. As for the bioenergy – this is an opportunity for new biofuel generation businesses, new jobs, money invested in the Republic of Moldova and for enhanced energy security”,  Valeriu Lazar, Vice Prime Minister, Minister of Economy, has asserted.

During the current heating season 121 schools and kindergartens throughout the Republic of Moldova have biofuel heating plants installed at the expense of the means provided by the EU-UNDP funded Energy and Biomass Project, the rural communities being committed to purchase and supply the heating plants with quality biofuel. The total investment in designing and building the heating plants for 121 public institutions amounted to more than $10 million 246 thousand covered out of the European funds. In their turn, the Communities have contributed with circa MDL 24 million, and this money has been intended mostly for strengthening the energy efficiency of the bioenergy heated buildings.

The Interactive Map of Communities that have their public institutions heated with biofuel is available at

Moldova Energy and Biomass Project is a four-year project implemented during 2011-2014. The Project total budget amounts to 14.56 Million EUR, provided by the European Union (14 million EUR) and UNDP Moldova (560,000 EUR).

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