In Cocieri, promoting trust means a renovated high school for children from both banks of Nistru River

Sep 26, 2013

imageChildren from Cocieri and 7 neighbouring villages go to a newly repaired school now. Photo: UNDP

Jana Gatcan from Vasilievca village wakes up every morning at 6 and walks 30 km to get to the high school from Cocieri. This year, due to the new roof the high school is more welcoming to her and other 330 children who come here from 8 communities from both banks of Nistru River. Jana knows who made it happen - a programme that helps people on both banks of Nistru River to live better together.

"Vlad Iovita" Theoretical High School from Cocieri commune, Dubasari district was opened 50 years ago, but it has never been repaired thoroughly, even if after it was seriously damaged during the conflict. For many years, the high level of humidity in the classrooms endangered the health of pupils and teachers from the high school and damaged the furniture and teaching materials. "The roof of the high school was riddled with bullets and collapsed over time. This is why, in rainy weather plenty of water collected in the classrooms and children could not study under normal conditions. The budget of the mayor’s office is too small to make a thorough repair of the high school, so we sought the help of the European Union," Ion Mitcul, mayor of Cocieri says. The replacement of the roof saved the high school in cold season. "Hurrah!!! No more rain in our classes, but good marks only," exclaimed Olga’s friends - Adriana and Corina, when they found this autumn their high school with a new durable roof. "With around 78 thousand Euros from the EU-UNDP Confidence Building Programme and the community contribution, we managed to solve in a few months this old and painful problem for our village. This brought more confidence of people from the 7 neighbouring villages, which children study at our high school," Aurelia Ursu, high school principal said. The financial assistance from the EU and UNDP has opened the way for other investments as well. Thus, with the assistance of the Bureau of Reintegration, this summer all the windows of the high school were replaced and a new heating system was designed. The kindergarten from the village is also going to be repaired thoroughly, so that in summer, with the assistance of "Support to Confidence Building Measures" Programme, we widely open the doors for other 80 children in addition to the 125 who currently attend it. Now the inhabitants are more confident in the future and are more willing to participate in their community development. 

"Vlad Iovita" Theoretical High School from Cocieri commune is one of the 40 social infrastructure improvement projects funded by the EU and the UNDP aimed at enhancing the confidence between the people on both banks of Nistru River. By 2015, over 40 kindergartens, schools, social and health centres, roads, sewage and water supply systems will be rennovated within the EU-UNDP Programme, contributing directly to the improvement of the lives of over 100 thousand of people on the two banks of Nistru River, but also to the promotion of good relations between them.

"The success of the infrastructure renovation projects is due largely to the fact that all activities are carried out by people from both banks of Nistru River in close collaboration, which allows them to more efficiently solve their common problems," said Viorel Albu, manager of the EU- UNDP Community Development Programme.
Apart from the social infrastructure renovation projects, the EU-UNDP Programme provides financial and technical support in other four key areas: business, civil society development, health and environmental protection. The programme  is implemented in the period 2012-2015 with a total budget of 10.6 million Euro, provided by the European Union (9.5 million Euro ) and UNDP ( 1.1 million Euro).

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