Youth from both banks of Nistru turn collected waste into works of art

Sep 4, 2013

imageAlexandrina Braguta made toys and decorations from waste collected along Nistru river. Photo: UNDP

More than 60 pupils, teachers, local authorities from both banks of the Nistru River joined their efforts to clean up the waste from an area along the Nistru River in a unique way, turning the trash piles into unusual toys and artworks. Thus, the organizers of the action, “Vitality” from Tiraspol and “Renasterea rurala” from Tohatin associations with the assistance of the EU-UNDP “Support to Confidence Building Measures” Programme, tried to draw the attention of people living on both sides of the Nistru to the precarious environmental situation of the river shores and call for more active actions to protect the environment.

Specialists of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova and experts from the Transnistrian region rang the alarm as well, presenting the results of their investigations of the quality of water and environmental risks affecting the Nistru riverside. They mentioned that because of waste spilled during the last decades, Nistru has turned into a “tank of technical water”. The ecologists warn that the river biological resources would degrade completely and the ecosystem would be fully destroyed, which could ultimately lead to an ecological disaster. A brochure on fish species that inhabit Nistru river has also been launched during the event, warning that a significant part of them are under the threat of extinction.

This action, held near Dubasarii Vechi, Criuleni, is part of a wider project supported by the EU-UNDP “Support to Confidence Building Measures” Programme aimed at building confidence between people on both sides of the Nistru River, by carrying out joint activities to protect the environment.

Many other actions aimed at cleaning and greening the areas affected by floods and landslides were organized within the project. These involved young people, teachers and local authorities from both banks of the Nistru River. Thus, more than 2,500 trees and shrubs were planted over an area of 10 km along both banks. Guided by experts of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, the nongovernmental organizations developed a map of the Nistru riparian regions under landslide risk, and held a series of awareness sessions regarding the importance of green spaces and ecosystem protection in schools on both banks of the Nistru River.

„Today's action is further evidence that people living on both banks of Nistru can improve their living conditions only through joint efforts. I am pleased to note that the European Union assistance can directly contribute to intensifying relations of cooperation between the two banks and, in this particular case, to the protection of the environment. In the coming years, the European Union and UNDP will continue to provide the necessary support for joint initiatives in several thematic areas”, said Ekaterina Dorodnova, Political Officer of the EU Delegation in Chisinau.

„We are currently supporting 21 joint initiatives of NGOs to implement projects of mutual interest under the EU-UNDP “Support to Confidence Building Measures” Programme. In the nearest future, we are also planning to start some environment infrastructure projects, which will benefit people living on both banks of the Nistru”, said Valeria Ieseanu, Program Analyst, UNDP Moldova.

The EU-UNDP "Support to Confidence Building Measures" (SCBM) Programme aims at improving the confidence between the people on both banks of the Nistru, by helping them cooperate and thus improve their lives. In this respect, European Union and UNDP financially and technically support their joint activities in five key areas: business development, civil society, social infrastructure, environment and health. The program is implemented in the period of 2012-2015, with a total budget of 10,600,000 Euro, granted by the EU (9,500,000 Euro) and UNDP (1,100,000 Euro).

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