EU and UN officials in Moldova distributed first aid leaflet in the streets of Chisinau

Jul 16, 2013

EU and UN officials in Moldova distributed first aid leaflet in the streets of Chisinau.

Dressed in reflective vests, Nicola Harrington-Buhay, UN Resident Coordinator, and Wicher Slagter, Head of Political and Economic Section of the EU Delegation to Moldova, accompanied by representatives of the emergency services and Automobile Club of Moldova, distributed today first aid leaflets to drivers at the crossroads of Dacia and Decebal boulevards, where most fatal traffic accidents happen in Chisinau.

Developed in the framework of the project "Development of casualty reduction partnerships in Chisinau and Tiraspol”, implemented by the Automobile Clubs of Moldova and from the Transnistrian region and Eastern Alliance for Safe and Sustainable Transport (UK), with the financial assistance of the EU-UNDP Programme" Support to Confidence Building Measures ", the leaflet “Be Informed, Be Safe!” explains in very simple language how to provide first aid during traffic accidents.

“By today's action, we would like to draw people’s attention to the need to know and apply the first aid rules in case of car accidents, which can save lives” said Wicher Slagter, Head of Political and Economic Section of the European Union Delegation to the Republic of Moldova. “In the framework of a complex programme to support confidence building measures between people on both sides of the Nistru River, the European Union has contributed to the establishment of sustainable partnerships among key actors responsible for road safety in Chisinau and Tiraspol. Today's event is a proof of this fact”.

The drivers who have received the leaflet directly from the officials said they lacked this information and that despite having a medical kit in the car, they would not be able to provide first medical aid to victims of car accidents.  “I think that the medical kit should include a leaflet like this one. This is very useful; I have realized it only now”, said Alexandru, one of the drivers who received the leaflet.

Worldwide, car accidents are the most common cause of deaths among people under 40.  It is estimated that at least 6 million people will die and 60 million will become victims of road accidents in the next 10 years in developing countries and countries in transition, unless urgent actions are taken.  Most of the deaths occur immediately after the accident, and one of the five pillars of the Global Plan for the Decade of Action for Road Safety for 2011-2010 refer to actions to be taken immediately after the accident.  As a precautionary measure, all vehicles must be equipped with a first aid kit, and every driver must know the basic first aid rules.

A report on the statistical data and public attitude towards road safety in Chisinau and Tiraspol, developed under the EU-UNDP “Support to Confidence Building Measures” Programme, shows that each life lost on the roads of Moldova “costs” the national economy about US$ 511,000 (the World Bank estimated)
(the full version of the report prepared by the Automobile Clubs of Moldova and from the Transnistrian region can be found here). More than 40% of the total number of traffic accidents recorded in Moldova take place in Chisinau, where hundreds of people lose their lives every year.

Nicola Harrington-Buhay, UN Resident Coordinator in Moldova, said that the awareness campaign on road safety is important more than ever as the UN proclaimed 2011-2020 the Decade of Action for Road Safety.  “Today's event is a step forward in the commitment of the Republic of Moldova to reduce by 50% the number of road accidents by 2020. The partnership between Chisinau and Tiraspol to improve road safety will save lives of many people on both sides of the Nistru River, and the information materials we distribute today will contribute to the achievement of this goal”, said Nicola Harrington-Buhay.

The leaflets “Be Informed, Be Safe!” were published in Romanian and Russian languages and will be distributed free of charge to drivers through technical testing centers on both sides of the Nistru River.  The first batch of leaflets was donated today to a centre in Chisinau. 
Similar awareness events on first aid and leaflets will be distributed in Tiraspol as well by the Automobile Club from the Transnistrian region, with the support of the EU-UNDP Support to Confidence Building Measures Programme.  

During one year of project implementation, a series of analyses and reports on road safety, and partnerships strategies between Tiraspol and Chisinau have been developed. Also practical activities and social information campaigns on road safety have been organized.

The “Support to Confidence Building Measures” Programme supports local public authorities, representatives of civil society organizations, businessmen and other stakeholders from both sides of the Nistru River to carry out joint activities in five key areas: business development, civil society development, social infrastructure renovation, healthcare and environment protection.

The Support to Confidence Building Measures Programme which is implemented during 2012-2015 has a total budget of 10,600,000 Euro, out of which 9,500,000 Euro is provided by the European Union and 1,100,000 Euro by UNDP.

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