First National Park to contribute to local communities’ development and biodiversity protection in Orhei area

Jul 12, 2013

Orhei National Park to become a successful model for local communities’ development and protection of biological diversity in Moldova. Photo: UNDP/Elijah Hurwitz

Parliament voted today the Law on creation of the Orhei National Park. First of this kind in Moldova, Orhei National Park covers 33,800 hectares and includes 18 communes in four districts - Orhei, Straseni, Calarasi and Criuleni.

According to the Law, Orhei National Park will benefit from special protection and conservation of wildlife species, elements and formations of environmental, scientific, recreational and cultural value that exist in this area.

With a unique landscape in Europe, Orhei National Park offers great opportunities for scientific, educational and tourist activities while contributing to stopping further degradation of forest ecosystems, illegal cutting, deterioration of pastures and forests, enhancing sustainable management of natural ecosystems and promoting organic farming and ecotourism.

"The Park will contribute to the social and economic development of the region by attracting foreign and domestic investment and creating new jobs," said Gheorghe Salaru, Minister of Environment. "We will protect the natural and cultural heritage through restoration of cultural monuments, organizing folk festivals and promoting tourist routes, so that Orhei National Park becomes an attraction for foreign tourists."

With the support of UNDP and the Global Environment Facility, the Ministry of Environment had conducted a series of research on the flora and fauna of the region, a feasibility study for sustainable tourism development and the regulation for the functioning of Orhei National Park. The first ecotouristic route that connects two cultural and historical values - House-Museum "Alexander Donici" and Curchi Monastery was created, which is marked by information boards about the cultural and historical values and the map of the route. Awareness campaigns and trainings were organized to explain the value and benefits of biodiversity conservation.

"The creation of the first National Park is the result of the partnership between the Ministry of Environment, UNDP and the Global Environment Facility," said Nicola Harrington-Buhay, UNDP Resident Representative in Moldova. "We hope that Orhei National Park will become a successful model for local communities’ development and protection of biological diversity in Moldova".

Creation of Orhei National Park is a priority of the National Strategy for Biological Diversity Conservation, the National Programme for the establishment of the national ecological network for 2011-2018 and the Government Programme for 2011-2014.

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