Children learn at summer camp Energel how to produce renewable energy and use it efficiently

Jul 4, 2013

120 children from 13 districts learn how to produce renewable energy and use it efficiently at Summer Camp ENERGEL. Photo: UNDP

120 children from 13 districts learn how to produce renewable energy and use it efficiently at Summer Camp ENERGEL organised in Ivancea Village, Orhei district. For ten days (1-10 July), they will be involved in many interactive and practical activities. ”We have got a full agenda but it’s very captivating. We have built models of photovoltaic panels and wind turbines; we are going to collect the garbage from the neighbouring communities, organise a fashion show and present clothes made out of eco materials, and have a performance about renewables, acting as producers and actors”, Mihai Vdovicenco, a school student from Prodanesti Village, Floresti district, attending the Summer Camp, said.

“Children are the driving force of any change. They are open to everything that is new and advanced. The solutions proposed by the young people attending the Eco Summer Camp for the wise use of renewable energy convinced me once again that they are truly the driving force”, Valeriu Lazăr, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Economy, said during his visit to Summer Camp ENERGEL.

Summer Camp ENERGEL is part of the Educational Initiative aimed at promoting the renewables and energy efficiency launched by Moldova Energy and Biomass Project, funded by the European Union and co-financed and implemented by the United Nations Development Programme in Moldova. The Educational Initiative covers the communities that have their public institutions connected to biomass heating systems with the support of the Project. ”I am so glad to see that this project, along with advanced biomass technologies, brings also an enormous stock of knowledge on renewables and energy efficiency to children. So far, the children have decided what future energy they would like to have for their community and country; therefore, they propose specific solutions for energy safety and cleaner environment”, Wicher Slagter, Deputy Head of the EU Delegation in Moldova said.

During the 2011-2013 school year, pupils from 106 schools covered by the Educational Initiative were involved in interactive activities dedicated to renewables and energy efficiency. Children participated in debates in their schools, attended webinars discussing on-line topics on eco-energy with hundreds of colleagues from other schools, and visited households, public institutions that use renewable energy. The most active school students, selected on a competitive basis, have been invited to attend Summer Camp ENERGEL.

”Children attending Summer Camp ENERGEL are valuable promoters of renewable energy. They have learned about the benefits of the solar, wind, hydro or biomass energy and are promoting them actively in their own family, community, and country. I am confident that, together with their new friends they have made here, children will get the knowledge, skills and beliefs, that will help them become Eco Energy Advocates”, Nicola Harrington-Buhay, UNDP Resident Representative, said.

This is the second edition of Summer Camp ENERGEL. The first one took place in Stefan Voda District in 2012. The Educational Initiative on renewables and energy efficiency is conducted with the support provided by the Continuous Education Institute and the Republican Centre for Children and Youth ”Gutta-Club”.

Moldova Energy and Biomass Project is a four-year project implemented during 2011-2014. The Project total budget amounts to 14.56 million EUR, provided by the European Union (14 million EUR) and UNDP (560,000 EUR).

More information about the Educational Initiative and the textbook “Renewable Energy Sources” at:

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