Modern biomass boilers to become more affordable in Moldova

Apr 15, 2013

More than 600 families will be able to purchase modern biomass boilers. Photo: UNDP

More than 600 families will be able to purchase modern biomass boilers, after the procurement costs will be partially covered by European funds. The Government, with the support of the EU-UNDP Energy and Biomass Project, is launching today a Programme which will offer, under more favourable terms, biomass boilers to households.

Modern biomass-based technologies have become more affordable thanks to the launch of this Programme. Households from villages and small towns will have now the opportunity to buy briquette, pellet fired boilers, or combined boilers, with 30% of the costs to be reimbursed through funds allocated by the Moldova Energy and Biomass Project.

„I am pleased to say that with the launch of this programme today, we provide the chance to a different group of beneficiaries – private households – to experience the benefits of biomass-based energy. The EUR 640,000 provided by the European Union will be used to subsidise around 600 boilers. This is a significant starting point that will help hundreds of families to save on their house heating bills. At the same time, the new program will boost the further development of the already established markets in the Republic of Moldova – that of biomass fuel production, as well as the one centred on biomass-based technologies” declared Dirk Schuebel, Head of European Union Delegation to Moldova.

The boilers to be purchased under this initiative will be manufactured and/or assembled locally. So far, nine companies have been accredited by the Energy Efficiency Agency to supply boilers to households under this Programme. These companies’ portfolio comprises a wide range of boilers manufactured in the Republic of Moldova or assembled locally from parts supplied by famous European producers from Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Latvia, and Greece. The accreditation process of companies – suppliers of biomass boilers is a continuous one, and the number of such enterprises will increase.

“By promoting the procurement of biomass boilers, the Programme will contribute to the development of a new industry, having already involved several hundreds of economic entities – producers of briquettes and pellets, manufacturers of boilers, distributors, not to mention the agricultural producers. In turn, households will benefit from lower costs due to the advanced technologies in this field compared to the use of natural gas”, Valeriu Lazar, acting Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Economy, said.

The Subsidy Programme for procurement of biomass boilers by the rural households of Moldova was launched in the framework of Moldova Energy and Biomass Project, funded by European Union and co-funded, and implemented by United Nation Development Programme.

„By launching of this Programme, in fact a whole chain of benefits is created, bringing additional opportunities to men and women from Moldova: the national sector for modern biomass boilers assembling and manufacturing is developing, the biomass fuel production sector is expanding, new businesses are launched and new jobs are created.  The invested resources remain in the Republic of Moldova and contribute to its further development. In addition, emissions are reduced and the environment is protected by reducing the consumption of energy from fossil sources”, Narine Sahakyan, Deputy Resident Representative of UNDP in Moldova, declared.

The Programme’s total budget amounts to 640 000 Euro. The maximum value to be reimbursed out of the Programme funds is 1 000 Euro per installed boiler.

Moldova Energy and Biomass Project is a four-year Project implemented during 2011-2014. The Project’s total budget amounts to 14.56 million Euro, allocated by the European Union (14 million Euro) and UNDP (560 000 Euro).

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