Other eight localities from the security zone will renovate their social institutions

Apr 12, 2013

Eight localities from the security zone will renovate their social institutions with the assistance provided by the UNDP-EU “Support to Confidence Building Measures” Programme. These localities were selected following the second round of the competition of social infrastructure projects, which was carried out by the UNDP-EU Programme in December 2012 – January 2013.

The Evaluation Committee of the UNDP-EU Programme has selected the following localities: Corjova, Molovata Nouă, Cocieri, Sanatăuca, Răscăieţi, Coşniţa, Copanca, and Varniţa. The projects were selected within a gradual, transparent, and competitive process based on the project proposals submitted for the competition. A total number of 52 localities from the security zone participated in the competition, submitting all in all 68 project proposals. Viorel Albu, Manager of the Community Development Component under the UNDP-EU Programme, mentioned that the winning projects mainly aim at the renovation of kindergartens, schools, social centers, and health centers, reconstruction of community markets, as well as the rehabilitation of water supply networks. Each project will promote good relations between people on both sides of the Nistru River and help build confidence among them. This goal may be achieved by involving inhabitants, organizations, and experts from both sides in the identification, design, and implementation of local development projects, for the people to improve together their living conditions.

The implementation of the 8 winning projects will start this year, and the communities will benefit not only from financial support, but also from technical and logistical assistance granted by the Joint UNDP-EU “Support to Confidence Building Measures” Programme. Currently, other 27 projects selected in the first round of the competition are under implementation. The estimated budget of these projects accounts for about 3.6 million USD. In total, it is envisaged to implement a minimum of 40 social infrastructure projects within the “Support to Confidence Building Measures” Programme.

“Our collaboration with the UNDP-EU Programme and local public authorities was efficient and successful until now, that’s why we really hope that by autumn a part of the selected projects will be implemented and contribute visibly to improving the life of people from the both sides of the Nistru River and building confidence among them. The successful implementation of these projects will serve as a precondition for the access of these communities to other grants offered by international organizations, as well as the allocations offered by the Government”, said George Bălan, Head of the Reintegration Bureau under the State Chancellery, during the information meeting on projects’ implementation.

The Joint UNDP-EU “Support to Confidence Building Measures” Programme contributes to promoting confidence building between both sides of the Nistru River by involving local authorities, civil society, business community, and other stakeholders in economic and social development of their local communities. The Programme has five key areas: business development, civil society, renovation of social infrastructure via local development, health and environment.

The “Support to Confidence Building Measures” Programme is implemented by UNDP Moldova during 2012-2015. The total budget of the Programme accounts for 10,600,000 Euro, granted by the European Union (9,500,000 Euro) and UNDP Moldova (1,100,000 Euro).

Contact information

Viorel Albu, Manager, Community Development, “Support to Confidence Building Measures” Programme, viorel.albu@undp.org, Tel: (+ 373 22) 839 872

Natalia Costaş, Communication Consultant, natalia.costas@undp.org, Tel: (+ 373) 69221141

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